Screencasting, often known as screen recording, is an efficient method of recording the live action of a computer screen. Using it, you may record and live-stream gameplay directly onto video-streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, create films to teach/explain the content on the screen, or demonstrate the functionality of a software/help someone debug an issue on their computer.

Screen recording utilities are a standard feature of all modern operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. These tools are adequate for most people’s needs, although they lack several functionality that can be found in third-party alternatives. This is why reliable third-party screen recorders are so important.

Free Windows 10’s Finest Screen Recorder

The Windows screen recorder that comes standard has relatively few customization options and is otherwise useless. Fortunately, there is a plethora of alternative, highly-featured, third-party screen recording applications available.

Some of the top free Windows 10 screen recorders are listed below.

The OBS Studio

One of the most well-liked tools for doing so is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio. It’s open-source and free, with many of tools that can improve the quality of your screencasts. You may also use OBS Studio to broadcast your screen in real time on several video sharing websites. To that aim, the program supports a wide variety of inputs, allowing you to compose shots from your computer’s screen, a web browser, a video capture device, and more.

OBS Studio’s ability to record a user’s screen for an unlimited amount of time during a live stream is a major selling point. The software is quite user-friendly, providing a robust setup panel that allows you to define and modify various aspects of your recordings and even allows you to establish hotkeys for those activities.

OBS Studio, Obtain


CamStudio is yet another open-source and free Windows 10 screen recording and streaming application. You can use it to capture high-quality AVI videos of whatever is happening on your screen while the audio is playing. In addition, CamStudio’s in-built SWF generator will convert your recorded AVI files into lightweight and bandwidth-friendly streaming Flash videos, making them ideal for online distribution. Better quality recordings can be made with the software’s support for lossless codecs, despite the reduced file sizes this results in.

CamStudio’s video recording features include the ability to export captured AVI files as Flash movies. You can put a webcam video of yourself in picture-in-picture mode and add subtitles to your screen recordings with the video annotation function.

Download CamStudio.


ScreenToGif is a versatile program that records your screen and includes an editor. It’s open-source, free, and able to capture everything from your desktop to your webcam to your sketchnotes. A simple, uncluttered interface that nonetheless provides access to a wide range of features is provided. ScreenToGif treats all of your screenshots like individual projects that may be modified, exported, and embedded into other projects.

Next, ShareX doesn’t feature the easiest-to-navigate user interface. Keyboard shortcuts, however, allow you to avoid this. You can modify your screen recordings with ShareX in the same ways you can with ScreenToGif, including blurring or highlighting some parts of the screen, adding text, arrows, and images, and erasing or pixelating other parts.

Obtain: ShareX

Media Player VLC

Multimedia files and streaming protocols are supported by VLC, a free and open-source media player. You probably already use it on your Windows PC, as it is the most used video player. Then you’ll be pleased to discover that the VLC player can also be used to record your screen.

VLC makes it easy to record your screen and provides a number of setting choices to tailor the recording to your needs, but not as many as some of the other screen recorders on our list. You can customize a number of aspects of your video, such as the frame rate, resolution, video codec, audio codec, and profile settings.

VideoLAN Client (VLC)

Enhancements to Windows 10 Screen Recording

The aforementioned screen recording program allows you to record the screen of your Windows 10 computer in a wide variety of modes and settings that are not available in the operating system’s native screen recording tool.

Additionally, some screen recorders have an integrated editing/annotation capability, allowing you to make changes to your collected recordings without switching to a different program.

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