One of the most frustrating and unlucky things that can happen in the modern digital world is losing access to data. The dread of losing data is terrifying, and it motivates people to take several copies of their valuable data to protect themselves from disaster. This is true whether the loss of data occurs due to inadvertent deletion of files, system crashes, or hardware failures. That’s a good habit to have, but it never hurts to have a second, backup plan in case something goes wrong with the first. This is especially true for treasured memories like photos and movies. You may rely on data recovery software to help you retrieve lost information from a wide variety of storage media.

Recoverit is being examined, but there are likely many additional data recovery services available, some of which may even be free. And it was developed by the same company that brought you Filmora, PDFElement, and FamiSafe: search Wondershare. See how Filmora Recoverit can help with your data recovery needs below.

Define Recoverit.

You can get your lost photographs, videos, music, documents, and more back with the help of Wondershare Recoverit, which is data recovery software for your computer or any external storage device. It supports Macs and PCs, and its three-step recovery process is easy to follow even for novice users. The software supports numerous file and data formats, and the company brags about its high recovery success rate.

What You Can Do With Wondershare Recoverit

Check out Wondershare’s website or app, depending on your subscription. Although Recoverit’s star feature, data recovery, is the same no matter which subscription you choose, it does offer a somewhat varied collection of features. Listed below are a handful of Recoverit’s more notable capabilities.

First off, over a thousand different file formats are recognized by the program. You can use it to retrieve any file type that can be opened in a Mac or PC, including photos, videos, emails, and any file type that can be opened in a PDF, PPT, XML, etc.

The software does a thorough scan of the disk or device you’ve chosen to recover the deleted files from in order to locate all the deleted or lost files on the system. The scan status, including the number of detected files and scanned hard drive sectors, may be viewed in a progress bar.

Third, when Recoverit completes a scan of a device for deleted information, it displays the scan findings and provides the opportunity to examine objects (photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc.) before beginning the recovery process. On a Mac, a previewable file size is 15MB or fewer; on Windows, it’s 30MB or less.

In addition to NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, exFAT, APFS, HFS+, RAW, etc., the software is also compatible with the vast majority of other popular file systems.

In addition to its data recovery capabilities, Recoverit also features a video repair module, letting you mend those broken clips you’ve been meaning to correct for ages.

To save time and effort, the software allows you to choose whether to recover objects individually (one by one) or as a group of files. Furthermore, as was previously said, the entire data recovery procedure is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

Which OS versions are compatible with Wondershare Recoverit?

Wondershare Recoverit, a data recovery program, is compatible with both Mac and Windows, as was previously stated. It supports all versions of Mac OS X, from 10.9 (Mavericks) to the present (macOS Big Sur), thus Mac users can download it with confidence. However, the software is compatible with all Windows versions between XP and 10.

What kind of hardware does Recoverit support?

The manufacturer claims that Recoverit is compatible with a broad variety of storage devices (both internal and external, such as HDD, SSD, and pendrive), as well as memory cards, digital cameras, drone cameras, and portable media players (iPods, etc.).

Tips for retrieving deleted files with Wondershare Recoverit.

Downloading and installing Recoverit on your Mac or Windows computer is all that’s required to get started. After setup, you can choose between the free plan (with 100MB of data recovery) and two paid upgrades, depending on your needs.

data recovery process: decide where to scan and what drive to look in

Having prepared everything necessary, you can now begin the data recovery procedure. Choose the drive from which you’d like to retrieve the lost data on the software’s main screen. Data recovery from an external drive requires the drive to be attached to the computer and selected from the list of available devices in the External Devices menu. In addition, you have the option of specifying the location of the folder containing the files you wish to restore. To begin navigating to the desired place or driving, click the Start button.

Scan the data you’ve lost and sort it out.

Select a storage device or directory for Recoverit to begin searching for deleted files. This can be a time-consuming operation, depending on the size of the source you choose. The scan progress is displayed in the bar at the top. In addition, you may use the filters on the right-hand menu to refine the search results in any way that suits you. Scans can be narrowed down based on criteria such as file extension, file type, file size, and even modification date. There is a pause and stop button right next to the scan progress meter in case you need to interrupt the scan in progress at any point.

View scanned findings in advance

After Recoverit completes a scan of the chosen drive/location, you will be given the choice to see the recovered files. You can just click the Recover button to bring back all the missing files, but a preview will let you quickly zero in on the ones you need. When trying to retrieve a big number of files, this process becomes invaluable. You may preview the file and obtain a wealth of information by clicking the Preview button on either a Windows or Mac computer. In addition to bringing up files that are similar to the one you picked, the software also makes it possible to filter out duplicates.

Bring back scanned documents

Finally, when the chosen drive or location has been scanned and you have examined the items you wish to recover, click the Recover button at the bottom to bring back the chosen data. While doing so, choose a restore location that is separate from where the lost data is retrieved to prevent accidental overwriting.

How might one put Recoverit to use?

There are a wide variety of potential causes for data loss. This includes everything from the direct deletion of files on your computer or the emptying of your recycle bin to the unexpected formatting of a drive, the infection of a storage solution, the breakdown of a device, or the inaccessibility of a storage solution. Wondershare Recoverit, which can be found through a search, can be put to use in all of these situations to aid in the retrieval of lost information. Recoverit data recovery software provides additional functions in addition to its standard recovery functionality.

To begin:Recoverit ARC

Most lost data should be discoverable and recoverable with the help of the typical recovery system. It is possible, however, that the software will miss very huge video files during routine scanning. This is exactly why there is an Advanced Recovery option. Select Advanced Video Recovery from the software’s main menu if a more complex recovery is required. To get your videos back, just repeat the steps from the regular recovery process.

Fixing Damaged Video Files

Wondershare can help you recover big video files, and it can do a lot more besides. You can fix damaged videos with the use of Recoverit’s repair feature. Choose the Repair Corrupted Videos option from the main menu, then choose the corrupted video you want to fix. If you’re having trouble finding a specific video, try using the “Advanced Repair” button. After the tool fixes the video, you can preview it (on the next screen) and choose whether or not to save the fixed version.

Recover files from a corrupted Mac or Windows machine

Last but not least, you can use the Wondershare Recoverit software (available for both Mac and Windows) to recover data from a crashed computer. There is a method of data recovery available in case you ever have a machine crash that caused you to lose your data. You can do this by making a bootable drive and entering the system from that drive. A backup of the drive can be made once the system has booted, or the data can be recovered in the usual way.

Cost of Wondershare’s Recovery Software

There are three different pricing tiers available to individuals on the Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software search engine.

The first option is the Essential package, which, for the low annual price of $59.95, includes everything a user truly needs from data recovery software. The Standard subscription ($69.95 yearly) includes everything in the Essential plan and more, such as access to free tech support and the ability to make bootable DVDs, restore wrecked Macs, and eliminate the dreaded grey screen of death. The third and most expensive option is the sophisticated plan, which costs $79.95 annually and includes everything in the Standard and Pro versions plus sophisticated video recovery, drive corruption restoration, and the ability to scan and merge video fragments, among other things.

The company also provides a free subscription that is similar to the paid ones in terms of the core functionality. Nonetheless, it does not provide unlimited data recovery like the commercial ones and instead limits you to 100MB. The free plan is available for those who either wish to test the service before committing to a paid membership or who only need to recover a few files totaling less than 100MB. Additionally, search Wondershare offers a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you purchase a subscription and find that the service is not useful for your intended purpose.

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