There are two ways to save what’s on your computer screen: by taking a screenshot or by recording your screen. Whether you need a still image or a video, you can use either way to save a small part of what’s on your screen for future use, share it online, or send it to someone who needs help fixing their device.

If you have a Mac, macOS comes with a tool that makes it easy to take pictures and record the screen. But even though this built-in tool works well, it isn’t very flexible because it doesn’t have more than one mode for recording and no built-in editor for editing the screenshots.

Because of this, you have to use third-party screen-capturing apps to do these things. One of these apps for Mac is Capto. It lets you take pictures, record the screen, edit your screenshots, and upload or share them online, all in one app.

Join us as we check out Capto and look at the features that make it one of the best tools for taking screenshots and recording the screen on a Mac.

Who is Capto?

Capto is a full-featured tool for Mac that lets you take screenshots and record your screen. It lets you take different kinds of pictures, record the screen, edit the screenshots and screen recordings, and share or upload them to sites like YouTube, Dropbox, Tumblr, etc.

All of your screenshots and screen recordings are saved in the Capto library. You can even put them in folders to make them easy to find later.

What does Capto have to offer?

Capto is an all-in-one tool for recording and changing your Mac’s screen. It has a number of features that can help you take better screenshots. Here are the things about Capto that make it worth trying:

Multiple video modes
Context menu capturing
Menu bar mode lets you capture and record the screen quickly
It has a built-in web browser that lets you take pictures of pages.
There are many ways to record your screen, including FaceTime.
Mac can record iPhone and iPad screens
Built-in photo editor with all the tools you need to change photos
It has a built-in video maker with most of the tools you need to edit videos.
Several ways to export
Easy sharing of screenshots and screen recordings on Drive, YouTube, Tumblr, Dropbox, etc.
Screenshots and screen recordings can be put in different smart collections.
File information tags to organize screenshots and screen images in a logical way

How can Capto be used?

Capto is more than just an ordinary screenshot and screen recording app. It’s an all-in-one utility that streamlines the screenshotting and screen recording process into a single app, so you don’t have to use other apps to edit or share photos and screen recordings on your Mac.

Here is a list of all of Capto’s most important features:

Take pictures of the screenshot

One of the most important things that Capto can do is help you take screenshots, which it does very well. It gives you a lot of different ways to take screenshots, which should cover almost all of your needs.

Here are the different kinds of screenshots you can take with Capto:

Screen: It lets you take a picture of the screen on your Mac.

Area: It lets you choose a part of the screen to take a picture of. This could be a square, a circle, or some other shape on the screen.
Window: It lets you take a picture of app windows on the screen of your Mac.
Menu: It lets you take a picture of the menu of an app or program when you right-click on it. Most screenshot apps don’t give you this choice.

Web: You can open a page in Capto’s built-in web browser and catch it all or just parts of it. Plus, you can take screenshots of DOM parts on the page and even screenshots while the page is scrolling.

Screen Recording

You can also record the screen of your Mac with Capto, in addition to taking photos. There are two choices here: screen and area, which pretty much say what they are. With both of these ways to record your screen, you also get a few extra choices that can help you improve your recordings.

For example, based on what you need, you can choose to record sound from the microphone or an external device. In the same way, you can choose to show or hide the cursor in your screen recording and highlight mouse clicks, which can be helpful if you want to show something on the screen.

Screen Recording on iPhone/iPad

Capto lets you record the screen of your iPhone or iPad in a way that is similar to how you can record the screen of your Mac. You can do this by connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and running Capto. Then, you can record its screen and add a voiceover if you’re making a lesson.

We think this is Capto’s most useful tool, and it’s not something you see in many other apps that take screenshots or record your screen.

Edit screenshots and recordings of the screen

You can use Capto’s built-in editor to change a picture or screen recording after you’ve taken it. This saves you the trouble of having to import the picture or video into another editing app and make changes there. This makes your work easier and faster.

Talking about the editor, Capto’s image editor gives you almost all the important tools for editing images, like crop, blur, highlight, spotlight, erase, callout, annotate, arrow, etc., so you can change your screenshots as needed.

In the same way, this also applies to its video editor, which has all the tools you need to edit videos and edit screen records. Some of these tools are cut, trim, annotate, arrow, callout, blur, and text.

Screenshots and screen recordings can be uploaded online

Capto also lets you share or save your screenshot or screencast online if you want to do so after taking it and editing it. It has a share button built right into the app, which makes it easy to post screenshots or screencasts to sites like YouTube, Google Drive, Tumblr, etc., without having to open the browser.

Plans for Capto Prices

Capto is a paid app, and a Single User lifetime ticket costs $29.99 (or Rs 824). It’s also on Setapp, so if you already pay for Setapp, you don’t have to pay extra to use Capto.

The developers are currently offering a discount on the app. For a short time, you can get it for 45% off, which brings the price down to $16.49.

But to get you started, Capto gives you a 7-day free trial so you can try out the app and all of its features on your Mac before you decide to pay for it.

Capto lets you make high-quality tutorial videos.

A good screen record utility is a must-have for your Mac if you are a content maker, blogger, or teacher who needs to make presentations or demos for software or troubleshooting. One that lets you take screenshots, record the screen, and change the screenshots or recordings you’ve already taken or recorded.

There are a lot of screenshot and screen recording apps for Mac, but we think Capto is the best because it has so many features. You can take different kinds of pictures, record your iPhone/iPad screen, edit them, and share them online with just one click with Capto.

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