A calendar app is a service that helps you organize your time and keep track of your daily commitments. You can use it to keep track of everything from appointments to tasks to meetings on the go.

iOS’s built-in Calendar app may help with a lot of these tasks, but it has some limitations that make it less than ideal for some people.

The App Store, thankfully, has no shortage of calendar apps designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. We’ve compiled a list of the top iPhone calendar applications so you can stay on top of your schedule.

Top 7 iPhone Calendar Programs

Totally unbelievable; designed for power users.
Schedules #5: Best for the Busy Person

Source #5 For those who use Gmail or Google Suite, Google Calendar combines a calendar and a project planner into a single app.
Things 3 is a task and calendar manager, whereas Timepage is a design and productivity powerhouse.
Busycal – for a variety of scheduling possibilities
We’ve included three additional Calendar apps that we think are worth mentioning and may be a good fit for some users with the other seven we’ve already covered.


Fantastical is a great alternative to Apple’s own Calendar app. It’s easy to set up new activities and events thanks to the streamlined interface.

Fantastical is unique among iPhone calendar apps because it can understand and parse natural language. To explain, NLP lets you use everyday language to set a reminder, establish an event, or make a list. Putting “lunch with John at 14:00” into your calendar will make a suitable event.

Fantastic also provides you with the flexibility to instantly enable or disable various calendars as needed. This means that you’ll only need to check one spot to manage your schedule and RSVP to all of your invitations. In addition to iCloud Reminders, Google projects, Todoist, etc., Fantastical supports integration with a wide variety of other services for managing your projects and reminders.

Price: 0 (in-app purchase)
The Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all supported devices.

Date-Books (5)

Another well-liked iPhone calendar app is Calendars 5. It was developed by Readdle, the creators of popular apps like Spark Mail and Documents, and it is a superb task and event manager.

Natural language input is used in Calendars 5, much like it is in Fantastical, to facilitate the rapid development of calendar events. But what makes it stand out from other calendar apps is the event-focused layout it uses to provide a snapshot of everything you have scheduled. Schedules can be seen by the day, week, or month, depending on your preference.

In addition, Calendars 5 allows you to make your own events, customize your alerts, and send invitations right from the app. More crucially, you can add, change, or remove appointments or tasks while disconnected and then resynchronize them when you reconnect to the internet.

Price: $29.99 (App Store)
Downloadable for the iOS devices and the Apple Watch

Dated Announcement 5

For advanced iOS users who need more oversight over their schedules and commitments, Informant 5 Calendar is the best option. Features like daily/weekly planners, projects, triggers, etc., that are geared toward keeping you on top of your schedule give it a closer relationship to a planner than a calendar.

The fact that Informant 5 doesn’t necessitate creating a new account and can sync with your existing calendar accounts is one of its greatest strengths. However, you’ll need to create an Informant sync account in order to access all of Informant’s features.

Support for Siri is one of the newest improvements to Informant, letting you add events to your calendar with just your voice. Informant 5 is an iPhone software that, like other calendar apps, syncs your events and tasks with other calendars and task managers. Since it’s a planner, you can also easily convert emails into tasks within Informant.

Price: 0 (in-app purchase)
Downloadable for the iOS devices and the Apple Watch

Schedules courtesy of Google

Google provides a free iOS software called Google Calendar. Google Calendar is the ideal calendar tool for those who rely extensively on Google’s suite of apps for everything from email to notes and tasks.

Thanks to the seamless integration, everything from appointments to to-do lists can be found in a single location in your Google Calendar. To ensure you never miss a scheduled event, your calendar will now automatically incorporate all of your forthcoming appointments, projects, and meetings.

Google Calendar also provides helpful ideas to speed up the process of adding new events. In addition, you can sync your iCloud or Exchange calendar with Google Calendar. The fitness-minded can sync their Google Calendar with Apple Health to monitor their progress toward their personal fitness objectives.

Finally, as a component of Google Workspace, Google Calendar gives you and your team the flexibility to do things like publish calendars, view information from any device, and set up meetings.

Free for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

The Third

One of the top premium iPhone calendar apps is Things 3. It’s won a bunch of prizes for its design and functionality, and it keeps surprising people with cool new features.

Things 3 is superior to other iOS calendar apps not just because of its sleek and user-friendly design, but also because of how painlessly it makes organizing your time and tasks. Like the rest of your schedule, your daily activities are listed out for your convenience.

In addition, Things 3 allows you to establish a separate section for each facet of your life, so you can separate your work life from your personal life and your personal finances from your personal life, and so on. It also provides a handy widget that displays all of your lists in one convenient location on your home screen.

Things 3, designed specifically for the iPhone, has extensive system integrations that facilitate the transfer of data and files between applications. Not only that, but it also enables you to implement process automation through the use of Shortcuts.

Paid ($9.99)
Compatible with iOS devices and the Apple Watch.


Timepage is an innovative iOS calendar app. Timepage’s UI is more straightforward than the interfaces of other calendar apps, which often offer a calendar-based layout in which you tap on a day/date to find out the schedule.

Timepage’s streamlined interface makes it simple to get an overview of everything that’s going on in your life at a glance. This calendar’s heatmap function, which visually displays your availability throughout the month, is one of its best tools.

Similarly, Timepage gives you animated temperature and rainfall forecasts to assist you plan your outside events because it compiles all your events, maps, contacts, and weathers in one location. In addition, if you have an Apple Watch, you can get this data by using the Watch app.

Timepage, like other calendar programs, lets you sync your schedule with many platforms (iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, etc.) and provides a widget for quickly accessing your most important tasks.

Price: 0 (in-app purchase)
Downloadable for the iOS devices and the Apple Watch


Another robust iPhone calendar app is BusyCal. This app’s customizable calendar features make it easy to keep track of your hectic schedule, upcoming activities, and to-do lists, all in one convenient location.

BusyCal is a calendar program that, like a few others, allows you to easily create events and tasks through the use of natural language entry. But what makes it stand out are the features that make it versatile and eliminate the need to use other apps for the stated activities, such as the ability to create your own calendar views, integrated to-do lists, maps integration, and search functionality.

BusyCal’s more sophisticated functions include the ability to assign tags to events and projects for quick reference, choose which event details (location, last update time, time zones, participants, etc.) are visible when viewing or updating an event, set reminders and alarms, and plan out tasks.

Moreover, BusyCal may be customized to help you remember important dates (such as birthdays), show current weather conditions and moon phases, and much more.

Paid ($4.99)
Compatible with Apple’s iOS and OS X devices

Notable Appointment-Setting Applications on the iPhone

Timeline with 30 Slots

The 30 Boxes Calendar app for the iPhone is a minimalist calendar that syncs with your other calendars. There is no enrollment process, and the user interface is completely ad-free. You can easily add events to your calendar with 30 Boxes thanks to its proprietary natural language parser.

Calendar of Edison

Edison Calendar is an iPhone calendar app that focuses on helping you achieve your objectives and reduce stress. The app’s premise is straightforward: it helps you achieve your goals by dividing them into smaller, more manageable chunks that it distributes to you over the period of days, weeks, quarters, and months. That way, you can plan your time and activities effectively and stay on top of your progress toward your goals.

Timetable for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a good alternative to a dedicated calendar software if you often use Microsoft’s other products. With it, you can add or schedule events, tasks, and meetings without ever leaving your inbox. In addition, you can incorporate information from other email conversations, such as appointments and to-do lists.

How to Determine Which Calendar App Is Best for You on the iPhone
The above suggestions should help you select the most useful calendar software for your iPhone.

If you’re looking for a free calendar app for iOS, we recommend Google Calendar. However, if you’re looking for a calendar software with a top-notch user interface, Fantastical is your best bet, while Things 3 and BusyCal are your best bets if you require more sophisticated functionality.

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