Think again if you consider yourself a writer but constantly whine about how technology is hurting the industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) was created to aid humanity, not replace it. If you want to write better, faster material, grab your keyboard and keep reading to find out about the top search AI writing tools.

The GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI is the foundation for many of the AI copywriting tools that we recommend for search engine optimization. It is one of the most advanced language models that uses deep learning, an artificial neural network-based subset of machine learning, to generate natural-sounding words. If you are interested in learning more about GPT-3 and how it might be used for copywriting, you can read our previous article on the subject.

There are a few pressing issues that must be resolved before we can move on to exploring the various AI writing solutions now on offer.

Do these artificially intelligent writing aids allow you to streamline the copywriting process?
Simply put, no. Not only does OpenAI require a “human in the loop” for these GPT3 technologies, but users also shouldn’t expect 100% accuracy from these services. Although the makers of these programs don’t do it, I think it’s crucial that you have realistic expectations when you attempt (or buy) search AI authors.

The search AI (GPT-3) hasn’t been taught to deal with raw data. They are NOT for academic or even semi-technical use. OpenAI has scraped around 10% of the Internet up to 2019 or so. This artificial intelligence writing program is most useful when you’re stuck and need ideas for what to write about next. Sooner or later, companies like Google and Facebook will release improved versions of AI, and likewise, AI copywriters will improve to the point where their work looks more like that of human authors. Now that everyone knows what is expected of them, we may go on to the next question.

What Elements Constitute Exemplary Copywriting?

Copywriting is more than merely coming up with catchy, innovative ideas. To do this successfully, one must learn the ins and outs of a product or service and think of novel ways to showcase or sell it. What helps one person may not help another.

Expert copywriters employ a wide range of approaches, each appropriate in different situations and serving different purposes.

The most effective landing pages include persuasive writing that highlights the value the product or service will provide to the reader. A landing page’s copy should present the page’s value propositions clearly and persuasively.
Most of the copy on Product Pages is written in the passive voice and is informational in nature, with plenty of data jammed into a little area. While a recent survey found that 98% of buyers abandoned orders due to inadequate content, A/B testing has shown that improving product descriptions can considerably increase sales.
While landing pages tend to be formal, emails tend to be more conversational while still emphasizing the reader’s benefits. Individualized subject lines have been shown to increase open rates by as much as 50%.
The tone of individual blog articles can range widely depending on their author and the topic at hand.
Produce top-notch content in less time and with less work with the search AI copywriting tools presented here. Even though experts adapt their content for each platform, they still switch things up stylistically to keep their voices distinct.

The greatest way to pick an automated writer.

Making the decision of which search AI writing tool to use can be challenging. Your workflow and the field you work in will determine the best approach. All of the AI tools listed below use GPT-3 as their foundation, however their results will vary slightly. This is due to the fact that even if the developers used the same dataset for training, the resulting models will be very different from one another. Not all GPT-3 tools use the “Davinci” model, which is superior to models like “Curie,” “Babbage,” and “Ada.”

When deciding which search AI writer is best for your workflow, it’s important to think about more than just the quality of the AI-generated content output. You should also take into account the user interface, search AI writing experience, writing speed, control, and flexibility offered. Make sure it can read and write in various languages, including the one you speak fluently if English isn’t an option.

While I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each tool, I recommend that you try out several options before committing to just one or two.

Best Automatic Word-Cutter

It is not an exaggeration to state that new GPT-3 AI technologies appear daily, like mushrooms. Since OpenAI made GPT-3 available, a plethora of additional GPT-3 tools have been developed. For copywriters, that’s both good and terrible news. More options are usually nice, but when they all appear the same it can be difficult to pick the right search AI writing service.

Don’t stress. I’ve done all the legwork so you don’t have to. In the past half a year, I have probably tried 30 or more different search AI writing assistants. Also, I’ve compiled a list of the top artificial intelligence copywriting tools that you can use right now.

(Full disclosure: We may receive compensation for sending you to the sites linked to below.)

Best AI-powered short-form content writer: Shortly AI

Let me be quite clear about something. In terms of GPT-3 AI writers, I think Shortly AI is the best option right now. Shortly, in contrast to the majority of the other apps below, was designed with lengthier pieces of writing in mind. You can utilize its “blank canvas” to produce anything from sales copy to landing page content to blog posts to a full-fledged novel with minimal distraction. The artificial intelligence (AI) that powers Shortly’s search results is, more significantly, excellent. This AI search engine has the best fiction writers around!

This blank slate of an interface is both its strength and its weakness. If you’re just getting started with AI copywriting, you might find the lack of features here a little underwhelming. Shortly AI may seem complicated at first, what with all the instructions it supports for instructing, rewriting, expanding, and condensing text. By instructing Shortly to utilize a set of given keywords in the material it generates, you can make it search engine optimized.

Shortly AI has only two pricing tiers: a monthly package that costs $39.99 and an annual plan that costs $299 (effectively $24.99 a month). There are no usage caps on either of them. Before you commit to a paid subscription, you may try it for free for three days. To our regret, unlike many of the other search AI content makers we’ll be covering, Shortly search AI does not offer a lifetime package.


Intuitive User Interface (UI) Free of Distractions
Mode de création de texte

  • Very professional results
  • Extremely effective process flow
  • Complex instructions and methods
    Credits Cannot Be Exceeded
  • There’s an app for that


  • A simplistic user interface may fail to excite some people.
    No premade models can be found.
    Very little information is provided.
    Not a permanent agreement
    Subscription fees are relatively hefty each month.

AI in a Hurry

The greatest general-purpose AI writer is Jasper (formerly

Jasper (formerly fixes many of the issues of Shortly AI while maintaining a clean interface. The AIDA framework, the Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework, the product description, the blog post introduction, the Facebook ad headline and description, the Amazon product features and description, the social media posts and captions, the YouTube video script outline, and the Email subject lines are just a few of the more than 40 copywriting templates included.

Jasper just bought the GPT-3 tool Headlime, which is widely used by copywriters. Collectively, they state that they are the industry’s top-tier AI content producer for search engines. While that’s up for debate, there’s no denying that Jasper is a top service. Headlime is still around (for the time being) as a separate app, but I wouldn’t recommend using it.

We provide three distinct packages. The $29/month Starter plan has a monthly word limit of 20,000 words, while the $99/month Pro Unlimited plan has no such restrictions. Only the Pro Unlimited package allows for the creation of lengthy content like blog entries, video scripts, and books. For an extra $20 a month, you can upgrade to the Pro+Boss mode subscription, which includes access to Boss Mode.


  • Over Forty Samples of Copywriting for Short Forms
  • Very professional results
  • Encouragement of coworkers
    Assistant in the long form
    Extensive Records


Plans that are more expensive overall
The lack of a permanent offer

Download Jasper for Free Right Now!

Writesonic is the premier artificial intelligence (AI) landing page writer.

Writesonic, formerly known as Magicflow, is a GPT-3 writing program that has reached maturity. It includes a simple user interface with a collection of about 28 different copywriting templates. Article introductions, article ideas, email subjects and bodies, Google and Facebook ad copy, SEO meta tags, product descriptions, and similar elements are all included.

However, the landing page generator is a special feature that sets this AI writer apart from the rest. More traffic, purchases, and signups can be generated with the help of landing page copywriting. In addition, there is an AI Article Writer component, which functions as a long-form blog post generator not unlike Shortly AI and Jarvis but with less refined workflow and output.

Writesonic has two distinct price points, one for marketers and one for writers. There is a $20/month plan (with 75 credits) all the way up to a $499/month plan (with limitless credits). It’s wonderful that credits can be purchased independently (pay as you go). Those who prefer one-time payments can purchase Writesonic for a yearly fee of only $59, which includes 40 credits per month.


  • An Effective Tool for Making Landing Pages
  • More than 28 premade layouts
  • Superior results for condensed works
    Very user-friendly


Convoluted pricing structures
It’s important to refine AI’s long-form search results.

Get Writesonic

Copy.AI: the best AI marketing copywriting tool

Our list of the finest search AI writer tools also includes, a widely-used and qualified candidate for the GPT-3 writer position. It is well-funded alongside the likes of, receiving backing from companies like Craft Ventures and Sequoia., which is powered by GPT-3, has one of the largest sets of AI templates (modules) for use in a wide range of scenarios, including but not limited to: Ad copy creation; blog generation; social media captions; email templates; sales copy generators; brainstorming tools; and more.

Small but useful features, such as the “Tone changer,” “sentence rewriter,” “analogy generator,” and “adjective accelerator,” are where really shines. Templates such as QUEST copywriting, AIDA copywriting, Pain-Agitate-Solution, Feature-Advantage-Benefit, Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal, and others are useful for those who write sales copy. There are no better search AI templates for advertisers anywhere else. generates large paragraph outputs, unlike most of the other search AI content apps on this list, which can be useful for brainstorming even if you don’t intend to utilize the output verbatim.

Pricing breaks down to $49 a month or $420 a year. Those interested can also take advantage of a free 7-day trial that allows for up to 100 daily runs. All of the templates are available to subscribers at no additional cost (unlimited credits).


  • Seventy or more excellent AI templates
    Marketing-specific sample documents
  • Very professional results
    Unrestricted Access & Credits


Subscription fees are relatively hefty each month.
Not a permanent agreement
It’s important to refine AI’s long-form search results.

  • A clumsy interface can be frustrating for first-time users.


Streamlined – Complete Advertising Platform with Automatic Content Creator

Simplified is different from the other programs on this list. This integrated marketing platform includes a search AI writer. Simplified’s primary audience is marketers, therefore the app ships with more than fifty artificial intelligence-based layouts tailored to their needs.

A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) writing, it includes innovative features like a sentence expander, an article rewriter, and an AI paragraph generator. Incorporating your created copy into a search AI designer will allow you to easily produce ad copies, blog posts, movies, or anything else you can think of.

The free forever subscription on Simplified gives you access to 50+ search AI templates and 1,000 words of AI writing each month, which you can use to compose content in 25+ languages. This plan doesn’t include access to the long-form writer, but it should still be sufficient for testing the item. Monthly premium plans start at $9 and scale up to $75, with discounts of up to 40% available for annual subscriptions.


  • Over Fifty Minutes Worth of Samples
    Consistently produces lengthy works
    Integrated support for Grammarly
    Team members can work together in real time.
    Support for almost 25 languages
    Additional marketing resources such as a designer, video editor, and social media publisher are also available to you.


Marketers are the primary target audience.

Take It Easy

Nichesss is LTD’s top AI writer and comes with an infinite supply of credits.

The general impression among early adopters of GPT-3 search AI tools was that purchasing GPT-3 credits was prohibitively expensive. As a result, the subscription prices of all search AI writer apps went up. When Nichesss was released as a lifetime bargain on AppSumo for just $59, it completely upended the GPT-3 market. There you go. You can use Nichesss for a one-time price of $59 to quickly and easily generate advertisements, blog introductions, video outlines for YouTube, email newsletters, product descriptions, poems, and news pieces, among other things. And there’s no cap on how many times this can happen! It works wonderfully for mass content production.

There are still certain content generation tools, like Nichesss, that rely solely on OpenAI’s GPT-3. Unfortunately, the UI is hopelessly out of date and cries out for improvement. A number of additional templates have been added to Nichesss by the creator in recent months, making it an obvious recommendation for anyone in need of a search AI copywriter.


Lifetime membership with no credit limit

  • Over Fifty Minutes Worth of Samples
  • High-Quality Results
  • Built-in plagiarism detection system
    Extremely low prices


  • Out-of-date interface design
    No feature-length articles (quite yet)

Obtain Nichesss

AI Content Automation System: CrawlQ

I’ve used the word “unique” a few times now, but is genuinely one of a kind because it’s so much more than a search AI content writer. They promote it as an AI-Content Automation Toolkit, with a primary audience of B2B SaaS startup founders who are having trouble generating enough revenue from content to justify their business’ existence.

From market analysis and competitive intelligence to content automation and SEO, CrawlQ has you covered from start to finish. Setting this up may seem daunting at first, but GPT-3 makes quick work of automating your content. They dive deep into every part of the business to collect as much data as possible to make sure the search AI can adapt the content for your business.

If you’re merely a content marketing agency, CrawlQ is still worth subscribing to because it allows you to set up separate workspaces for each of your clients and provides tools for developing GPT-3-based content that is optimized for each of those clients. Priced at a minimum of $366 a month, as one might expect, but with a sweet lifetime deal available at AppSumo for the low, low price of $79. You should take action right away.


All-inclusive Content Management System
AI-generated, custom-written search results


  • Unintuitive set up
    Not using AI templates
    Monthly fees that are prohibitively expensive


Use Content Villain, the top artificial intelligence content creation tool

The number of GPT-3 based search AI copywriting programs has exploded in the past few months, as I noted previously in the post. They include the villainous Content. It’s not the best AI writing program out there, but it deserves to be here.

This has nothing to do with its mediocre templates or clunky user interface. It’s unique in that it’s the only GPT-3 tool that offers a custom generator. Any idea what this means? You can tailor a model specifically for your company, as stated on their website. If there is content that you are continually developing that you wish to optimize or automate, we can help you. Contact us right away to start working with us directly on a model that is customized to your company’s specific needs.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, custom-made search AI content generator layout made only for you. You can feed Content Villain with information specific to your company’s processes and needs. In this way, the results are unique and not just a rehash of existing templates. I think that’s very neat. Interestingly, Content Villain’s lifetime bargain on AppSumo includes a single use of the custom generator for as little as $69. The one-of-a-kind generator is unlocked after using two codes, and API (Middleman) access is yours after using three.


Unique Credits and Limited Liability Company
50+ pre-built search AI templates; API access; high-quality results


Interface Confusion

Villain, Please Be Happy

Recognized with Honor

As I indicated previously, there are various new and old search AI writing apps based on GPT-3. While many of them have severe restrictions on your available credits or the quality of your production, there are a few that stand out for their own reasons and should be recognized.

Content Creator

Copysmith, one of the most well-known and well-funded businesses in this space, is likely the oldest AI copywriting software on this list. However, based on our previous encounters, we do not consider it to be among the greatest. They claim to have built their own AI on top of GPT-3, but first results don’t look as promising as those produced by competing technologies. Search AI copywriting templates for use in advertising, blogging, and brand development are included. Prices for their subscriptions begin at $16 per month.

To Copy

This is one of the newest GPT-3 tools available, and it also has a very good user interface. In my experience, the content rephrasing tool provided by this search AI writing assistant is among the best available. Other copywriting examples showed only average results. However, the $36 monthly price tag for the Pro plan is excessive for the features offered.

What is ContentBot?

This is the only tool on this list that can frequently provide you ideas for blogs and marketing campaigns. That’s a cool bonus for people who aren’t specifically interested in making content with AI for search engines. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of input and output languages. It has a nice user interface as well. However, the quality of the output wasn’t particularly high in our tests. It offers one of the longest free trials available. If you’re impressed by its capabilities, a monthly premium subscription can be purchased for as little as $29.

Smart A.I.

Snazzy’s amazing Chrome extension is the main reason for its inclusion on our list. It uses GPT-3 to accomplish the same things as WordTune does. With only a few mouse clicks, you can easily rewrite, enlarge, or shorten any piece of online material. Definitely a lifesaver. It also includes the rest of the fancy search AI writer features, but the quality of the articles they produce is subpar. The lowest monthly price for unlimited access is $25.

Alternatives to the GPT-3-based AI writer tools

WordTune: Earlier this year, we discussed WordTune extensively here on the site. It’s a browser add-on that analyzes your writing and makes specific recommendations to improve readability and clarity. Useful search-based AI writer’s assistance, with free and paid tiers.
QuillBot is an automated service that can summarize and rephrase text. This capability is shared with a few other GPT-3 tools than those already mentioned. However, Quillbot has been around for a long and has developed quite a bit. is a content marketing platform that employs AI and NLP to provide content summaries in response to user-specified keyword queries. It’s not quite an AI writer for search engines, but as an SEO tool, it should function well with any of the GPT-3 options. INK, MarketMuse, and Postpace are some of the alternate options.
WordAI: I’m adding WordAI in this list mainly since it’s one of the most popular search AI writing tools not based on GPT-3. The truth is that it’s more like a content spinner, and I wouldn’t recommend it. But hey, in the end, the choice is yours to make.
ArticleForge is yet another well-liked AI content software, promising human-quality articles in under 60 seconds. It’s really expensive, so I would definitely steer clear of it.
For those interested in content creation, an explanation of Grammarly is unnecessary. Copyediting has never been easier than with this cutting-edge AI search tool. The basic edition is free, but if you’re a serious copywriter, the pro version is definitely worth the investment. You can also try Outwrite, ProWritingAid, or Linguix as alternates.

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