The apps on our phones that let us take notes are just as important as any other tool. People find it hard to keep ideas, notes, and even jobs in their heads. People usually write things down so they can remember them later.

But having a notepad is now an old-fashioned habit that less and less people do. The normal person always has their phone with them, which makes it easy to take notes with apps that help you do so.

The biggest problem for users is that there are so many choices, which makes it hard to find the best note apps for Android. Don’t worry, we’ve found some great note-taking apps for Android that are free.

What are the best apps for Android for taking notes?

Want to find the best Android apps for taking notes? Here are the best options for you to choose from, based on what you’re looking for:

  1. Microsoft OneNote is a high-end app for taking notes.

OneNote is one of the best programs that Microsoft has made for taking notes. The software is pretty simple, but it has all the tools that everyone needs to take notes and organize them. OneNote also lets you draw, scan notes, make to-do lists, and turn scribbling into text, among other things.

Also, this app is compatible with all devices and has a very easy-to-use interface. One of the best things about OneNote is that all of your notes are backed up in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. So, if you lose your phone, you won’t have to worry about losing your notes.

OneNote from Microsoft is also free and doesn’t have any ads. Few Android tools for taking notes have this benefit. This app gives you as much paper as you need if you want to write long notes by hand. You can share your notes as plain text or PDF at any time with the OneNote app. These are just some of the things you can do with this app on your phone for taking notes.

You should use OneNote because:

Intuitive UI design
Endless paper for note-taking
Doesn't have ads on it
Advanced ways to work together

$7.99 per month if you buy it in the app

  1. Google Keep is a note-taking app that is easy to use.

This is another great app for taking notes on Android, and it might be the best-looking app for taking notes on Android. You shouldn’t expect anything less from a Google app. Even though this app has been around since 2013, I don’t think people know about it because note-taking apps aren’t very good. Keep is very small and easy to use on any smartphone because of this.

You can quickly write down ideas, save stories to read later, make to-do lists, and keep track of it all with Google Keep. It shows notes in a way that looks like sticky notes, with cards. This is also made easier by the fact that the app can be used without an internet connection. Also, you can make notes in any style you want, like images or voice notes that you can record and have the app transcribe for you.

You can also take notes on your Android phone and view them from your PC, since all of your notes can be synced with Google Drive. The app works well with other Google services, so you can use it with Google Docs and other apps without much trouble. Most Google productivity apps have the ability to share and cooperate on notes, and Keep is no different. You can quickly share your notes with coworkers and have them add comments in the same app.

Using Google Keep is a good idea because:

Simple to use
Can be linked to other Google apps
Offline access

Free to buy in-app:

  1. Bundled Notes: Put your notes together however you want.

Bundled Notes is the right choice if you want a note-taking app that can also be used as a web app. The app is well-designed and has a very interesting layout that will hook you on the login page. You can sign in with just one click through your Google account, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The best part of any note app is being able to organize your notes the way you want. Bundled Notes is one of the best note apps for Android because it lets you organize your notes the way you want. You can make bundles (organized notebooks) for any group of things, like college notes, personal thoughts, game collections, movie lists, tasks, and many other things. This is a very special thing about the app that makes it stand out from others.

Bundled Notes is a new app that is better than most of the old note-taking apps because it has its own tools for editing text. You can add pictures, files, and previews of links to your notes to make them more interesting. You can also sync your notes with other devices with this app, but you’ll have to pay for the Pro version to do so. But the Pro version has a lot of other useful tools that you should use. Bundled Note is by far the best app you’ll ever find for taking notes.

Reasons to use Bundled Notes:

Almost everything you need to make and organize notes is included.
It lets you set reminders for your notes.
Easy to use and with a good look
Usually not too expensive

$1.89 per month if you buy it in the app

  1. Notion is a work app that does everything.

Notion was the first app I used to take notes when we were choosing apps for this piece. It’s a one-of-a-kind app for getting things done that gives you everything you need to take notes and finish chores from your phone. Yes, you can use your devices to get to the notes and memos you make with Notion.

The app says that it is a “all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.” It can be used for all of those things. Notion lets you set up your notes in a way that works for you and keep track of your projects. Also, the app has a number of templates that can be used to manage things like quick notes, annual goals, trip plans, movie lists, personal journals, meeting notes, grocery lists, and more.

Getting started with notion: a beginner’s guide – notion all in one place
How to Start Using Notion for the First Time

With this program, you can make copies of your notes and send them to other people so they can use them too. People who can see the note can then leave comments, and you can all talk about the note in the note’s comment area. Also, you can easily change the style from light to dark to change how it looks or make it easier on your eyes. Notion is a very interesting app for taking notes, and you won’t be able to use all of its features.

Reasons to use Notion:

More than just an app to take notes
Pretty simple to use
Has both happy and sad stories
Small in size

$5 per month if you buy it in the app

  1. Evernote is a powerful app for taking notes.

Evernote is another strong note-taking app for Android that is mostly used by creative people and entrepreneurs to keep track of their ideas and write them down. Evernote is different from other Android apps for taking notes because it is easy to use and has a lot of features that save time. You can write notes in different notebooks, which helps you keep track of your thoughts and tasks.

You can also make job checklists and use the app’s built-in reminder to keep track of them. You can add voice notes, sketches, and files to your notes to make them more useful. Also, the notes app can be used on the web, and it’s easy to get back notes that you’ve accidentally deleted.
Also on TechPP: the image for Evernote
How to use Evernote like a pro: the best tips and tricks

There are both free and paid plans for Evernote. The free version only lets you store 60 MB worth of notes, which should be enough for most people. But if you don’t pay for the premium subscription, you can only sync your notes with two devices and can’t use some of the more advanced tools. Last but not least, you can share links to notes and work with other people.

Why it’s a good idea to use Evernote:

Make notes and to-do lists easily.
Very helpful for putting thoughts together.
Set remainder

$7.99 per month if you buy it in the app

  1. Flexcil: Best Android handwriting app

Here’s an app that can be used for both personal note-taking and taking notes for school. Flexcil is easy to use and has a design that is easy to understand. You can use the keyboard to write, or you can choose the handwriting choice. The app is always getting new tools that make it easier to take notes.

With this software, you don’t have to switch between different tabs to take notes while learning. Instead, you can choose up to four different page views for your notes in the app’s window. This makes it easy to write down notes for school. When you need to, you can also add notes to audio files.

Flexcil also has a lot of tools for changing text to make notes and markup tools for PDFs. You can also add text, pictures, and files from other places to your notes. With the Flexcil reference link, you can link notes from different papers. You can use the app for free, or you can pay for a premium subscription that gives you access to more tools.

Reasons to use Flexcil:

A lot of tools for changing text
Make a note-taking view of up to four pages.
Note from several different papers

In-app purchase: one-time payment of $7.99

  1. Upnote is a simple app for taking notes

This program can help you be more productive and keep yourself in order. It has a clear interface for taking notes and many different styles to help you take notes without being distracted by other things. With Upnote’s new tag tool, you can also put your notes in order.

Aside from that, Upnote works on all platforms, so users can easily use it on any device. And yes, your notes are immediately shared between all of your devices. You can add pictures, code blocks, and other things to your notes with this Android app. You can also change the way writing looks to suit your tastes, so you can give your eyes what you want.

You can also take notes when you’re not connected to the internet. The app has a focus mode so that you won’t be distracted while taking notes. Because the screen looks so nice, you can also use different styles to make your notes more fun. With the lock tool, you can make sure that your notes are private on all of your devices.

You should use Upnote because:

Elegant design
Has a mode that won't bother you
Notes can be locked

$0.99 per month if you buy it in the app

  1. Joplin is a simple app for taking notes.

Joplin is the best easy and free open-source app for taking notes. The app has a lot of features and can be downloaded from all of the big app stores. This software works with all kinds of files, like PDFs, movies, audio files, and pictures. Also, it’s easy to organize your notes into files, which makes it easier to keep track of what you’ve written.

Also, you can draw diagrams and write math problems with this software, which is something that many note-taking apps don’t let you do. Another good thing about the Joplin app is that you can change how your notes look to suit your needs. One cool thing about this program is that it saves your notes instantly for 90 days. The Joplin Web Clipper tool lets you save web pages as notes, just like Evernote and most of the other apps on this page.

You can also sync your notes with services like Joplin Cloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox to make them available on all of your devices. You can also put your notes on the web and link to them with a URL. Notes made with Joblin are very safe and secure, so they won’t be seen by other people. All of it is free, as was already said.

Reasons to use Joplin:

Free app for taking notes
Sync your note with other services
Share note via URL

Free to buy in-app:

Find the best app for taking notes for your needs

It can be hard to find the best note-taking apps for Android because there are so many bad ones. On the other hand, the apps in this piece will help you get more done because they all have great features and are easy to use. If you use a digital pen, some of them work even better. Choose one of the choices based on what you like.

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