Removing an image’s background and replacing it with something more to your liking is one of the more difficult tasks in picture editing.

Full-featured image editors allow you to do this with fine-grained control over various components of the image, but mastering these programs can be challenging. It’s also not the best option when you need to remove backgrounds from a bunch of pictures simultaneously.

In these situations, an online background remover tool is the best option. PicWish is one such program that advertises the ability to eliminate backgrounds from photos in three seconds or less. It also features a desktop client that can remove the backgrounds from up to 100 photographs simultaneously, making it ideal for mass background removal.

Let’s dive in and learn more about PicWish and how to use it to edit photographs by removing the backdrop.

What Is PicWish?

PicWish is an artificial intelligence-driven service that lets users swap over backgrounds in photos. It’s free, and you may download versions for your computer (Windows or macOS).

PicWish guarantees that photographs can have their backgrounds removed in less than 3 seconds. Images of items, people, cars, animals, and graphics can all have their backgrounds edited out with its help. Image backgrounds can be altered with the use of both stock designs and user-defined hues.

PicWish’s batch processing is one of its strongest features because it lets you eliminate the background from up to a hundred photographs simultaneously. It even allows programmers to access its API and add background clearing features to their own programs.

What are the PicWish Features?

PicWish’s primary function is as a backdrop removal platform, but it also has a few more features that can be useful for many other image editing tasks.

These PicWish applications are listed below:

Photo Retouch: Lets you remove unwanted objects from images
Portrait Enhance: To unblur faces in your images
Photo Enhance: Lets you fix blurry pictures
Photo Colorize: For restoring old photos and adding a flair to them

PicWish’s background remover gives you the following options:

Automated background subtraction with a single click
Ability to choose include or remove objects
Change the background to a solid color or a picture Resize images
Convert Images to Multiple Formats for Export
Put on some filters (blur, shadow, etc.).
Batch picture background removal

Image Background Removal with PicWish: A Step-by-Step Guide

PicWish, as we indicated at the outset, may be used in two distinct ways: on the web and on your desktop. Your decision between the two should be guided by your intended use.

PicWish’s web app is the most convenient and time-saving approach to eliminate an image’s background. Through a web browser, it may be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and computers. In addition, if necessary, you can alter the backdrop color as part of the package.

You may also use PicWish’s desktop tool for Mac or Windows to remove the background from numerous photographs simultaneously. You can add effects and choose from several different export formats, among other benefits.

Here’s how to use either technique to edit a photograph by erasing or replacing its backdrop.

One Approach: Using the PicWish Web App to Diminish the Image’s Background

Launch PicWish on your desktop computer or portable device of choice.
To upload an image to PicWish and have it processed to eliminate the backdrop, click the Upload Image button. You can also just drop the picture onto the PicWish page that way.
PicWish displays the final image, complete with a translucent background, beside the original photo after you upload it.
PicWish does a great job of automatically detecting and eliminating backgrounds from photographs, but if it misses something, you can use the Erase tool to manually draw over the original image and get rid of it. Similarly, you can utilize the Keep feature and redraw over the missing section of the subject to restore it if any of the subject was cropped out of the original image.
When you’re finished customizing your cutout, click the Download option to save your work. To undo a previous operation, either use the top-level Undo button or the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut.
Background can be added to an image by clicking the button and then filling it with colors from the Colors tab. You can also change the backdrop by selecting the Images tab, adding an image by clicking the plus (+) button, and selecting the image you want to use.

Option 2: Background Removal with the PicWish Desktop App

To begin, click the button below to download PicWish’s Windows installer. The next step is to sign up for PicWish’s service online. You can skip this step if you don’t want to register and just sign in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple account.

The first step is to open PicWish on your computer.
Register with PicWish.
In PicWish’s main interface, click the Remove BG button.
To upload photos, either click the Upload Image or Upload Folder option and navigate to the desired files in File Explorer, or simply drop them onto the PicWish app.
Once the photographs have been uploaded, click the Start button to begin erasing the backgrounds.
Click the Manually button in the sidebar on the right, and then use the Erase or Keep buttons to manually select the area of the image you want to delete.
Once you’re satisfied with the cutout, you can inspect it by selecting Background from the menu again, and then you can save the image by selecting Save All. To change the image’s DPI or export it in a different format, select Export Options and make your selections.
Background colors and images can be added to the image by tapping on a color in the sidebar on the right and seeing how it looks in real time. You can also add a backdrop image by tapping the addition (+) button in the Custom section.

PicWish Plans and Pricing

$4.99: 50 images/month
$9.99: 200 images/month
$15.99: 500 images/month
$24.99: 1000 images/month
$59.99: 5000 images/month

Alternately, the following packages all include a lifetime subscription to PicWish Pro:

$4.99: 20 images/month
$15.99: 300 images/month
$29.99: 1000 images/month
$129.99: 5000 images/month

After paying for a subscription, you have 7 days to request a refund if you are unhappy with the service.

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