In June of last year, Apple shut down iTunes, its 18-year-old media software that let people use a computer (Mac or Windows) to handle data on their iOS devices. Even though the software was quickly replaced (natively) on macOS and can still be downloaded on Windows, the experience is not as seamless as it used to be. Not only that, but it also doesn’t do what it should. So, unlike some third-party services that come with a full set of tools to meet the needs of current data management, iTunes falls behind because it can only be used in a limited way.

If you use a search iPhone or a search iPad, it’s likely that you’ll need data management tools at some point. Data management software makes it easier for users to do tasks like backing up and recovering data, moving data between different iDevices, transferring music, making custom ringtones, transferring WhatsApp data, and so on. But not every option out there has the tools you need. And search AnyTrans takes advantage of this with its suite of all-in-one tools that make it easy to manage the data on your search iDevices.

How does it work?

look for AnyTrans is all-in-one data management software that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to move, back up, and restore data. It comes from iMobie, a well-known business that makes software for data recovery and data management. Its services include PhoneRescue, SendGo, and, most recently, PhoneTrans.

AnyTrans has taken the same path as PhoneTrans, which has been around for a long time and just recently changed into a new version. Its latest version builds on the basic data management tools that were already there and adds more tools to help you better control the data on your search iDevices.

What kinds of devices and files can AnyTrans handle?

look for AnyTrans works with search iPhones, search iPods, and search iPads. It can be used on both Mac and Windows. Also, since it has a function that lets you “switch from Android to iPhone,” it works with most Android smartphone brands. AnyTrans works with a lot of different devices and can handle up to 27 different types of iOS content (data and files). This is a pretty wide range of data that you might need to control in your daily life.

What can you get from AnyTrans?

As has already been said, AnyTrans has a lot of different tools for managing files on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All of these tools can be put into three main groups, which you can see right on the home screen of search AnyTrans. Here is a list of all of these features and functions.

Taking care of content

Content Management is one of the most important parts of AnyTrans. It lets you handle all of your content on all of your iDevices, your computer, and even your iCloud library. It can be used in three different ways, which you can choose based on your needs.

i. Device Manager: It lets you control your iDevices and transfer data between them and your computer. So, if you want to move photos, movies, music, voice memos, and other files from your iPhone to your computer or vice versa, this tool makes it easy. It also lets you control your home screen (back up and restore), convert HEIC files, get rid of gray app icons that show up when an app download fails, and do other things.

ii. iCloud Manager: You can use search AnyTrans to quickly manage your iCloud data on any of your iDevices or computer, just like you can with the device manager. Different kinds of data, like contacts, calendars, photos, movies, and notes, can be transferred between your iPhone/iPad and computer using the software. Also, if you have multiple search iDevices working on the same iCloud account, you can easily sync data between them by using the iCloud sync option.

iii. iTunes Library: As we said at the beginning, transferring data with iTunes is not the easiest thing to do. This is mostly because of how Apple has set up search and the limits that come with it. If you’ve used iTunes before, you know that when you move data to your iPhone using iTunes, it erases the old data and writes the new data over it. But search AnyTrans’s support for iTunes libraries lets you move content to your search iDevices without losing access to your old data.

Back up and move

When people get a new phone, one of the things they worry about is how to move all their info to the new phone without losing any of it. There are a few services that can help you with this, such as iMobie’s PhoneTrans software. However, search AnyTrans is a better choice if you want a service that helps you handle all your data. One reason is that it has a lot of useful features, like the ability to move data from your old phone to your new iPhone, back up and restore all your data in one place, and move data from popular messaging apps. This makes it a full solution for managing your data. Here is what the software has to give in the category of backup and migration.

i. Phone Switcher: You’ll need the phone switcher feature to move info from your old iPhone (or Android phone) to your new iPhone. You can use it to move data from an old Android or iDevice (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) to a new iPhone with just a few clicks. You can also move apps (and the data that goes with them) from your old iPhone to your new iPhone without any problems.

ii. Backup Manager: Along with moving data, backups are another important tool that we often need, especially when we switch phones or update the software. The backup tool in search AnyTrans makes it much easier to back up your device. The software lets you choose between full, partial, and air backups based on what you want to save. With full backup, you can make a copy of all the data on your iOS device. With incremental backup, you can make a copy of only the data that has changed since the last backup. With air backup, your device’s data is backed up automatically when you set a plan. AnyTrans keeps a record of all your backups, so if you need to, you can recover any of them to get your iPhone back to the way it was.

iii. Social Messages Manager: Since messaging services like WhatsApp and the like store important data on our devices, most people prefer to have their data transferred to the new device when they switch devices. look for AnyTrans makes it easy to handle the data of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line on your new device by letting you back up, restore, and move it. You can choose the app you want to do these things with and start right away. When talking about the transfer feature, in particular, AnyTrans lets you move the data from your messaging apps from your old iOS (or Android) device to your new iOS device.

The basics

AnyTrans gives you a bunch of different tools on top of all the different data management and transfer features that let you back up, restore, and move content between phones and computers. Here are the things you can use.

i. Media Downloader: If you like to download songs and movies and watch them on your iPhone, AnyTrans’s media downloader is just what you need. The software works with media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and many more. You can download material from these sites to your computer and then move it to your iOS device. [It’s important to remember that you can’t download everything.]

ii. Ringtone Maker: Not only can you use search AnyTrans to download media, but you can also use it to make unique ringtones for your iOS devices. Even though search Apple has a lot of different ringtones for the search iPhone, you can make your own by using your favorite music.

iii. App Downloader: This is another useful feature that does exactly what it sounds like: it lets you download, install, and remove apps between your old and new iPhone in just a few steps.

iv. Screen Mirroring: Finally, you can use screen mirroring to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer over Wi-Fi and show its contents (music, photos, movies, etc.) on a bigger screen.

How does AnyTrans work?

As you can see from the list above, search AnyTrans gives you a lot of different tools to help you with all of your data handling needs. And because each of these things does something different, the needs and steps for each process are different. Despite this, though, the basic steps for each of them are still pretty much the same. There’s no need to say that the software does a good job of showing the steps for each step.

So, to give you an idea of the steps, when using any of the content management tools between two devices, make sure that both devices are linked to the computer and registered on the software. Also, when moving data between an iPhone and a computer, you need to make sure you are signed into the service you are importing/exporting data to/from (on your computer), or if it is an offline transfer, you need to upload the files on the software first before starting the transfer.

In the end,

look for AnyTrans adds to the tools it already has and makes them useful for a wider range of situations. So, if you’re looking for a way to manage the data on your iOS device and move it from your old iPhone (or Android phone) to your new iPhone or from your iPhone to a computer, this is a full solution for all of those needs. The best part is that all of these tools are easy to use and don’t require you to know a lot about how things work.

AnyTrans works on both Windows and Mac. You can get the program for your computer for free by going to their website. Even though the free version gives you access to a few features, you can buy a license to switch to the full version and get access to all of the tools.

Get AnyTrans here.

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