Various styles of music exist. However, there is a lack of flexibility in tailoring your musical experience to your tastes.

The most common methods for accomplishing this involve the use of sound-editing devices or software. Although the former has the advantage, it is not without a hefty monetary cost. In order to adjust the volume to your liking, a sound booster app is preferable to an equalizer.

However, there is a catch: high-quality audio editing programs are few. Boom 3D, a program developed by Global Delight for macOS and Windows, offers a wide variety of tools for improving audio quality.

Let’s dive in and find out how Boom 3D works and what more it can do.

So, tell me, what exactly is Boom 3D?

India-based company Global Delight, whose other app categories include music, photography, and video, has released a new audio augmentation software called Boom 3D.

Boom 3D, as the name suggests, allows you to enjoy your music (or other media such as movies or games) with a variety of 3D effects through your choice of headphones or speakers. This means that you can enjoy 3D sound effects without breaking the bank by using any set of headphones or speakers, Bluetooth or otherwise.

In addition, the program has a number of in-built audio effects, so you can listen to music in a variety of various moods. It has an excellent audio player built right in, along with a volume booster and a 31-band equalization so you can adjust the volume to your preference.

Both Mac and Windows users may get their hands on Boom 3D, albeit the Mac edition does have several perks over the Windows one.

To what end does Boom 3D strive?

Boom 3D is an audio augmentation tool that improves the quality of your standard computer speakers so that you may enjoy your favorite media in a whole new way. Here is a rundown of Boom 3D’s most notable features.

Surround sound in three dimensions

The most striking feature of Boom 3D is the 3D surround sound. This feature allows you to hear sound as if it were coming from all around you in three dimensions, as if you were immersed in a virtual three-dimensional surround sound system.

To create a cinematic listening experience with any headphones, Global Delight employs its proprietary sound staging technology in conjunction with the patented 3D surround sound technology.

Subtractive 31-Band Equalizer

Boom 3D includes a 31-band equalization in addition to its ability to make music sound more colorful and energetic. Unlike conventional audio players, which only come with an 8- or 10-band equalizer, the Boom 3D app’s 31-band equalizer gives you unprecedented freedom to adjust individual frequencies to your heart’s content.

If you aren’t familiar with adjusting the equalization settings manually, you can select one of the many equalizer presets available, such rock, pop, loud, classic, reggae, and so on.

  1. Incorporated Sound Modifiers

Boom 3D provides a wide range of audio effects in addition to equalizers for fine-tuning the sound. Some of these results are listed below:

Boom 3D’s enhancements to audio and instrument sound, as well as its addition of atmosphere to stereo sound, make for a more enveloping listening experience.

To achieve the ideal listening environment for late-night binge-watching, Night Mode softens loud noises while amplifying subtler ones.

In music and film, the fidelity effect strengthens low-frequency sounds so that they can be heard more clearly.

Spatial: Like the ambiance audio effect, which affects the entire soundstage to immerse the listener, spatial focuses on the left and right channels’ clarity to amplify their presence inside the sound stage.

Modifying the pitch of a song lets you hear your favorites sung at a higher or lower pitch without changing the song’s tempo.

4 – High-Quality Audio Player

When compared to other similar programs, Boom 3D provides you with a full-fledged music player in addition to its audio enhancing features. Play music from your offline library, make custom playlists, and arrange your music library in any way you like, all without leaving the app.

Five, the Mac-only Volume Booster

The Volume Booster function, exclusive to the Mac version of Boom 3D, serves as a system-wide volume booster, allowing you to increase the volume beyond the usual limitations without adding distortion or compromising the fidelity of the sound. This can be especially helpful if you frequently find the volume levels to be too low in other contexts.

Mac-only volume control application, “Control”

Boom 3D’s App Volume Controller is another feature exclusive to Macs. It does its job by allowing you to adjust the volume of individual applications on your Mac. If you want to listen to music or watch a movie without having to turn down the volume on other apps, you may do so. However, you can still keep the volume on apps that are more important to you cranked up so that you don’t miss any notifications.

  1. Radio Broadcasting

Boom 3D gives you access to over 20,000 online radio stations from about 120 countries, in addition to its audio augmentation features. You can listen to your own offline music collection, as well as local music from more than a hundred countries, all with the same app.

Using Boom 3D: A Guide

Although Boom 3D is a premium program, demo periods of 15 and 30 days allow you to try it out before committing to a full purchase.

The Boom 3D must be downloaded to a computer before it can be used.

Get Boom 3D for your Mac or PC right here.

To proceed with the installation, double-click the installer. Boom 3D may be installed on Mac or Windows by following the on-screen prompts. When installing the software on a Mac, it is necessary to restart the computer.

After downloading and installing Boom 3D, users can join up for a free 30-day trial of the service. Alternately, if you’re just curious about the app and are willing to settle for a 15-day trial, you can skip this step by clicking the Skip button.

Plug in your headphones, or turn on the computer’s speakers, and then select the headphone icon in the program window’s upper right corner. To set headphones as the default output device, select them from the list.

To add music from your computer, click the “+Folder” or “+Song” button. Doing so will launch your computer’s file browser, where you may then locate the directory in which your music is kept. Choose it and then press OK to have it added to your Boom 3D playlist.

To begin listening to music, press the play button.

Click the square icon in the upper left corner of your screen to activate the Boom audio effect. Select the audio improvement window by clicking the arrow below it that points down.

The 3D Surround option is over on the left. To activate it and make adjustments, just click on it. The surround sound volume can be changed by using the slider provided. Similarly, you can alter the volume and tone of the sounds around you by selecting them from the channels shown in the image.

To the right of the 3D Surround button are additional audio improvement options, each of which may be activated by a click to turn it on or off and whose volume can be adjusted by dragging the corresponding slider. When you’re finished making changes, click the Done button.

Finally, in the main window for audio enhancement, select Equalizer from the dropdown menu to the right. Alternately, you can adjust the equalization to your liking by clicking the Advanced button.

Enjoy Surround Sound without Breaking the Bank

Having the proper hardware, a compatible music player, and a suitable music source are all necessary for an optimal surround sound experience. However, due to these factors, experiencing surround sound is a luxury few can afford.

Boom 3D, an app developed by Global Delight, greatly simplifies this formula by allowing users to adjust the sound in-app to create a convincing 3D audio experience. This means you may enjoy your media in stunning 3D surround sound from any device or music source. While it may not deliver the same immersive sound as a high-end surround system, the USD $12 asking price is good value.

It goes without saying that the additional features, such as 3D surround sound, app volume controller, built-in music player, equalizer presets, and audio enhancement capabilities, only strengthen the case for using Boom 3D.

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