Training a puppy is hard, especially for people who have never had a pet before. You have to teach him how to do everything, from walking on a leash to going to the bathroom, basic manners, not biting, and a lot of tricks. There are a lot of tools in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that can help you train your puppy. They are very helpful and have things like clickers, insights, tips, and so on.

We are here to help you find the best dog training apps for your pet if you are having trouble doing so. We chose some of the best apps for training dogs that are available for both Android and iOS.

The best apps for Android and iOS for training puppies

Each app on this list is a little different from the others. Some apps, for example, offer different ways to train, while others are made for training a specific skill, like potty training. So, to train your puppy, you can choose one app that you like or choose more than one from the list.

Let’s start with the app I use every day that I like the most.


Dogo is different because it is an all-in-one app that lets you make a page for your dog. After that, you can teach him tricks, games, good manners, and other things. The app tells you how to do each trick in detail, step by step. It is mostly based on the clicker training method, which is good for people who are just starting out. Using positive reward, you can teach your dog things that might not be possible without this app. It also gives you the chance to rate how well your dog did at each trick. So you can teach him to give a 5-star answer.

There are also daily workouts on the app. The app tells you what tricks to do every day based on how well your dog did in the workouts. It also does old tricks again and again so that your dog doesn’t forget what it has learned. Most of the tricks are free to use at first, but some skilled tricks are locked and can only be accessed with a paid membership. With a premium membership, you can share your dog’s picture with your family and add more than one dog’s profile to your account. Dogo Premium also gives your dog film tests and certificates that he can be proud of.

Dogo is available on both Android and iOS.


This easy-to-use app for training puppies has a list of tricks in different groups. But what really makes it stand out is the number of tricks it has and how easy it is to use. First, the app shows you a list of groups, like “New Dog,” “Basics,” “Performer,” “Circus,” “Agility,” and so on. Then you can find tips or other categories for the area you chose. The app has easy tricks like “sit,” as well as more complicated ones like “turn off lights,” “close doors,” etc. When you open the trick page, the app gives you step-by-step steps with the photos you need to understand how to do it.

Like Dogo, Puppr has a built-in clicker and a tracker to keep track of how well the dog is learning. Every part has a video with easy-to-follow instructions so that dog owners can train their puppies like a pro. The app’s first tips are about how to start clicker training. If you choose Puppr Premium, you’ll get even more tricks, expert help through live chat, and other things.

Puppr is available on both Android and iOS.

Doggy Time

When it comes to toilet training, time is one of the most important things. You also have to feed, vaccinate, give medicine, clean, and do other things for the dog. Doggy Time is made to meet these needs in particular. You can set up notes for all of these things so you don’t forget to do them.

When it comes to potty training a puppy, it’s always best to let the dog go outside once in a while. So make sure you have notes that fit your dog’s age. If your dog is still a puppy, you’ll need to take him outside every few hours. An grown dog, on the other hand, can stay outside for up to eight hours at a time. If you take the dog outside before it has an accident, the dog will be less likely to do it inside.

Doggy Time is available on both Android and iOS.


This app is for people who walk dogs. Why not walk your dog with other dog owners instead of by yourself? It might make things easier for you, and every time you go for a walk, your dog can meet new people. You can add people who also have dogs or who want to walk with you as fellow walkers in the app. Now you and your friends can make plans for the walks together. Everyone who goes on a planned walk will be able to make changes, leave notes, etc. Then, at the planned time, you and everyone else will be reminded about the walk.

Walking with other people and dogs is very important because it helps the dog get along with other people and makes it more friendly.

DogLog is available on both Android and iOS.


Pupford is a business that sells treats, chew sticks, and other foods for dogs. In addition to the goods they sell, the app also has training videos. The best thing about this app is that it has classes and works with some of the best dog trainers in the world. You can take any class you want and take your time to finish it. Depending on the course, some last 30 days and some last less than a week.

Pupford also has paid classes for specific problems like separation anxiety, snapping, pulling on the leash, crate training, recall behavior, etc. The app also gives pet owners a free summary of the training so they can learn about it before they buy.

Pupford is available on both Android and iOS.

School for Pocket Puppies

This is another simple dog app that only gives you daily tasks. Start on day one and finish the whole 20-day course. It’s not about teaching tricks or practicing habits; it’s just about tasks for the day. But your dog is usually needed to help with the job. The job for the day is done once you have the information you need.

The app stands out from the rest because the part that explains things uses gifs and jokes. So, if you want to train your dog in a fun way that will save you a lot of work, this app is a great choice.

Pocket Puppy School is available on both Android and iOS.


Most of the apps here are about tricks, but GoDog is more about teaching your dog to obey. In this app, the most basic instructions are to stop jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc. Also, tricks like staying at home alone, leaving everything on demand, etc. It’s almost like having your own dog teacher right there with you.

GoDog is known for more than just training. It is also known for its health benefits. It helps you keep track of when your dog needs to be dewormed, vaccinated, treated for ticks, given medicine, bathed, and groomed in other ways, such as having its nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, hair cut, etc. You can also set reminders for things like these that are important for your health.

GoDog is available on both Android and iOS.

Pick the right apps for training your puppy.

You can also try apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, but I think these are some of the best. Also, compared to other apps, most of these ones have more free training material. Out of all these apps, I use Dogo to train my dog and Doggy Time to keep track of what he does. You can choose the app that meets both your and your dog’s wants.

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