Looking for the best AI writing services for your job? In this piece, we’ll talk about the best things you can do. Audio/video transcription, which is the process of turning spoken words into written text, is very important for business, content creation, education, and other professional needs.

People used to do this job by hand, but doing audio or video transcription by hand is very hard and takes a long time. So, we need tools that can make up for this shortcoming and make a way for audio and video to be transcribed automatically.

Because of improvements in technology, we now have AI tools that can instantly turn audio or video recordings into written transcripts. But we know that AI recording tools don’t always work perfectly. Still, you need them to make sure that your audio and video recordings can be turned into transcripts with little or no work on your part.

So, what are the best tools for AI transcription? When there are so many AI recording tools on the internet, it can be hard to decide which one to use. Still, we’ll look at the best 6 AI transcription services that will quickly turn your audio and video recordings into written text.

What is software for AI transcription? What’s the deal?

AI transcription tools are pieces of software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly turn audio and video recordings into written text.

These tools use machine learning (ML), a type of artificial intelligence, to process, assess, recognize, and understand speech patterns in audio recordings. Then, they give you a transcript of the audio samples they were able to process.

AI transcription services are also necessary for many jobs, such as transcribing interviews, meetings, audio, video, lectures, and audio recordings.

The AI tool you use has algorithms and models that do most of the work, but other things, like the quality of the recording and the speaker’s voice, can also change the results.

Why do I need a tool that uses AI to transcribe?

Some of us have had to turn voice and video into written text, and we know how hard and time-consuming that can be.

On the other hand, here are some reasons why you should use a service that uses AI to transcribe audio:

Faster transcription
More getting done
Cost savings
You can quickly and easily copy a lot of audio or video.

What are the best programs to use for AI transcription?

Here are the best AI transcription tools that can help you turn your audio files into written text:


Otter is by far the best AI transcription tool on the market, with the best features to turn your video/audio files and talks into text in real time. It lets you easily make a note of your meetings, interviews, etc. that you can save and look back on when you need to.

Even though AI recording tools aren’t always perfect, Otter is one of the best. One of the best things about it is that you can use it with apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to write meeting notes automatically.

Also, the tool has shown that it can transcribe very quickly and has a very well-designed interface. Also, setting up your account is very easy, so you won’t have any trouble just getting it ready to use. It’s easy to see why it’s thought to be one of the best writing services.

Otter has a feature that automatically saves slides shown in virtual meetings. These slides are then added to the meeting note to give a full picture of what was talked about. Otter also lets people work together by letting them add comments, highlight notes, and give actions.

Also, it helps to make an outline of the minutes, highlighting the most important parts, and send it to the people who were there so they don’t have to read the whole thing again. It can be used for face-to-face or video chats through a website, Android, or iOS apps on a mobile device.

Noteworthy Features:

It gives you data about meetings.
Captions in real time
Editable time code
Marking the time and naming the person who spoke

Cost: There is a free plan with limited options for personal use, a plan for schools, and an enterprise plan that costs $30 per user per month.


Speechmatics is one of the best AI tools that can help you record audio and video files. This cloud-based AI tool for turning speech into text uses advanced machine learning algorithms to turn live or recorded speech into text automatically. This makes it easy for users to save and plan their meetings and interviews.

Speechmatics is known for its accurate text transcription, even in noisy settings, which is rare among our AI transcription tools. It is also easy to use because the user interface is simple and easy to understand. Users can share their recorded audio or video and get a transcription in minutes.

Since it works with a wide range of languages and dialects, you won’t have to worry about accuracy no matter where you are from. Also, this tool is made to tell the difference between different people speaking in meetings and interviews. This makes it one of the best tools for recording meetings and interviews with a group.

You can use this AI transcription tool to record multiple video and audio files at once, automatically split and join files, and change the settings for the transcription.

Overall, it is a great tool for converting speech to text that you can use on your own or add into your systems.

Noteworthy Features:

It can be changed.
It works even when there is a lot of noise.
Allows for translation in groups

Cost: There is a free plan that lets you transcribe up to four hours of audio per month, an on-demand plan, and a business plan whose price depends on how you plan to use it.


Sonix is one of the newest AI tools that lets people turn music and video from more than 40 different languages into text. This AI tool also helps with translating and summarizing text. Sonix is known for how quickly it transcribes and how easy it is to use.

This AI transcription tool is one of the most accurate ones on the market, as many users have said it works well in many different languages. It makes transcription better by automatically getting rid of extra syllables, “hums,” “erms,” and “ums,” as well as word repeats. It also shows the time and divides the text of transcripts into logical parts.

Sonix makes it easy to both change the text and send it somewhere else. Sonix also has a number of export choices, integrations, and customizations that let you set up almost anything in the app. The app lets you share files and make changes to them with other people. Some ways to work together are to highlight parts of the text and add comments or notes.

Noteworthy Features:

It has captions and subtitles.
Can be used to make reports automatically
Analysis of feelings
Supports a large number of file types

Sonix has three pricing plans: Pay-as-you-go, which costs $10 per hour, Premium, which costs $22 per person per month, and Business, which is based on the size of the team.


Fireflies is a voice-activated AI assistant that helps write and record meeting notes and related actions.

This tool is easy to set up and not too expensive when you look at all the features it has. It works with major web conferencing services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Also, you can use Fireflies with work apps like Slack, Trello, Hubspot, Asana, and others. This tool can be used in live talks as well as with audio or video files that have already been made.

It has great features for people who want to use it in groups, and you can annotate and mark up parts of transcripts to make evaluating and referring to them easy.

It gives meeting summaries with data so that you can easily look back over what was said. It has search features that can help you look back over long conversations. It also has multiple search filter choices that can help you find what you need.

People have said that Fireflies doesn’t understand some words in talks. This could be because of the tool’s algorithms or the speaker’s accent, but overall, it works the same as most of the other AI transcription tools we’ve talked about in this post.

Noteworthy Features:

It has a window for searching
It works with a lot of things.
Makes jobs in popular tools like Trello and Asana automatically.
Offers high-level data

Cost: There’s a free version with unlimited storage for 800 minutes that doesn’t cost anything, a Pro version that costs $18 per month, and a Business Plan that costs $29 per month.


This is a different kind of tool for turning writing into speech. It uses both AI and human transcribers to turn audio and video files into text files. This makes it one of the most accurate transcription services on the market. Rev also has automatic transcription, video captions, and subtitles, in addition to human transcription.

Rev.com lets you choose between using AI or real people to turn your audio and video files into writing. The Rev.com mobile app is very easy to use, and adding the API to your system is simple and works perfectly.

The tool is said to have taught its AI language model with more than 5.6 million hours of transcribed data, which is more proof that it works well no matter what dialect or accent is used.

Also, Rev’s writing is done very quickly. Like most of the other AI-powered transcription tools in this piece, it makes it easier to figure out who is speaking in interviews and meetings. It also has a time index that makes it easy to find discussions if you need to look something up again.

Rev Max is a new service from the company that uses AI to do transcription. For $29.99, you can get 20 hours of automated transcription and endless Zoom transcripts.

Noteworthy Features:

High level of precision and speed
lets you know who is talking.
It is simple to use.
It works as a time tracker.

Rev has two pricing options: a $0.25 per minute plan for ad hoc transcribing and a $29.99 per month Rev Max plan for unlimited transcription.


Beey is an additional AI tool for accurate conversational transcription. Beey is an online service that uses AI to transcribe audio and video data from the cloud.

The program is able to transcribe audio and video files rapidly and precisely. It’s easy to navigate, works with a wide variety of languages, and boasts regularly updated dictionaries.

Additional editing tools, many export formats, and subtitle creation are just a few of the best features.

Splitter, Translate, and Voice are just a few examples of the available extensions. Additionally, Beey works with both mobile and desktop platforms.

Noteworthy Features:

Makes it possible to refine transcript editing
Multiple-file uploads are supported, and extensions can be installed.
It features a built-in feature that adjusts the time for you.

After 30 minutes of free use, you’ll need to pick between the individual plan (at €7.5 per hour) or the corporate plan (at a price determined by the team).

Final Words

The game-changing effect of using an AI tool is that it drastically reduces the effort and time required to transform your audio and video sources into text. In this article, we have selected the six top AI programs for transcription from the abundance of solutions available on the market to enable you rapidly choose a program and have your meeting, interview, or recorded audio/video transcribed effortlessly.

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