The most well-liked web browser on the market, Google Chrome, combines speed and dependability better than any other browser. As of 2021, Google Chrome has more than 3.2 billion users globally because to this and the availability of thousands of free third-party and first-party themes to personalize the user interface.

You could have trouble locating a Chrome theme that meets your demands, though, as there are thousands of themes with a wide variety of designer backgrounds and accent colors available.

You may learn everything you need to know about utilizing a theme with our in-depth tutorial on installing or uninstalling a Chrome theme. A list of the top 15+ Chrome themes available for download is also given.

Why Would You Want to Install a New Google Chrome Theme?

There are a minimum of a few, if not countless, justifications for installing a fresh Google Chrome theme every now and then:

First of all, Google Chrome features a relatively simple default design that is both practical and unobtrusive, unlike competing Chromium-based web browsers like Microsoft Edge or Brave. Chrome is fantastic for any workplace because of this, but outside of the office, the default appearance is quite dull and lacks any emotional appeal.

Second, looking at the default dark gray theme on a regular basis can hinder your creativity as our hybrid work environment changes to accommodate our work-life balancing habits. This is the ideal excuse to add some diversity with a fresh Chrome theme.

How Can a New Theme Be Installed in Google Chrome?

If you concur with any of the factors outlined in the preceding section and want to give Google Chrome a new look, keep reading for instructions on how to do so:

Launch Google Chrome on your computer, being sure to log in with your Gmail credentials.
Visit to do so now.
Look through the available themes and select the one that best suits your tastes. The best Google Chrome themes are shown here as a hint.

The new theme will now be installed and applied when you click the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

The Top 15 Chrome Themes to Download

Let’s have a look at some of the most well-liked Chrome themes available for download right now now that we know how to install a new Google Chrome theme.

World Perspective

Do you enjoy displaying your passion in supporting the LGBTQ+ community? Then you should use this theme.

“World View” is a piece from Google’s LGBTQ+-themed collection made by LGBTQ+ people for everyone. It has a retro neon vibe that everyone who loves the nostalgia of the 1970s would adore.


Nebula, on the other end of the spectrum, provides a closer peek at the inner workings of the universe. A must-have for everyone with a fascination for space or who adores the violet-blue hue that comes from the enormous clouds of space dust.

Catch the Wave

The “Ride the Wave” theme for Google Chrome seems like a successful journey even on the dark side of the spectrum, fusing numerous aspects from space and the ocean into one.

The theme features a surfer riding toward the end of a tunnel while surrounded by shooting stars and floating bioluminescent jellyfish.


The motivational video “Euphoria” features a young woman racing forward against a sky-blue background, eager to tackle any challenge that may come her way. It was inspired by the euphoria that makes us feel like we can accomplish anything. It’s among the most creative themes available in the Chrome store.

Only Black

For those ardent supporters of dark mode, “Just Black” is a fantastic theme that elevates Google Chrome’s dark mode.

It’s still a minimalist theme, but it changes the dark gray background of Google Chrome to a solid shade of black, making it a wonderful option if you have a laptop with an OLED display, which is renowned for having excellent black levels.

What Connects

The Connect is intended to be the living manifestation of human interaction portrayed by free-flowing organic forms. It is fairly vivid and vibrant for a chrome theme.

If you’re looking for a fun theme or if you’re interested in abstract art in general, this theme for Google Chrome is a must-have even though the vivid colors give it a little edgy feel.


For everyone who enjoys stars and constellations, the “Stargazers” theme for Google Chrome is a necessity. This lovely theme showcases two young, aspiring astrologers and an amazing view of the starry night sky on a purple background.

Pieces + Bits

Bits + Pieces, which draws its inspiration from “connectivity and the diversity of voices,” gives the previously seen Just black theme some color.

On a completely black background, it has a ton of bright and entertaining forms that, when combined, seem very interesting.

Below the Leaf

The “Under the Leaf” theme for Google Chrome was created with inspiration from natural discoveries to serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes all we need to do is simply look right in front of us.

With a row of swamp plants and a small amphibian companion in the center, it is built on a green color accent. The nature lover in you would undoubtedly enjoy this theme.

Song from Rick and Morty

This one is for all of you Rick and Morty fans. The “Rick and Morty Theme” features the pair traveling on a planet with a colorful, almost rainbow-colored atmosphere in a convertible.

Space Cowboys

Cosmic Cowboys, another piece in Google’s LGBTQ+ theme collection, features two boys having fun with what look to be fireworks on July 4th, the holiday that stands for freedom and independence.


“Golden” displays a woman on a vivid red background with maroon accents as part of the Black History Month collection, which also contains chrome motifs created by artists of color.

The word “Golden” is meant to stand for discovery, and it was inspired by all the things we can discover when we shed a little light on them, according to the description of the subject.

Lamp at Night

‘Night Light’ was made by the same artist who made ‘Stargazers,’ and it presents a rather significant aesthetic difference from the earlier work. In the foreground, it depicts a lone explorer standing on what appear to be floating icebergs as they attempt to navigate.

The vivid purple background, which is covered in a variety of sparkling items, hints of a night sky rich of constellations that could guide the adventurer.

Between the Lily Pads

A wonderful subject if you enjoy tranquil Japanese Zen gardens. Three koi fish are depicted swimming overhead in “Through the Lily Pad” in a pond full of mysterious, mystical lily pads that act as windows to other worlds.

A Spark

The theme “A Spark” was developed by Abelle Hayford as a part of the Black History Month theme collection, and it is a very straightforward but appealing theme that is meant to symbolize finding something you love.

If you’re looking for something neutral yet attractive, A Spark is a perfect option because it has a solid dark purple backdrop and a lady who is illuminated by a bright star in the foreground.

The Beautiful Route

“The Scenic Route” is a tribute to the joy of play and exploration, even in our backyards, and was inspired by Mexican-American designer Marisol Ortega’s youth in Mexico.

A variety of insects, including a beetle, a grasshopper, and an orange butterfly, are depicted on a background of forest green, along with a bouquet of flowers and leaves.

marches on

For all the cat lovers out there, Google Chrome’s “Marchin On” theme is ideal. You are brought to a puddle of water where a cute black cat with emerald eyes is seen crossing it.

In addition to the adorable cat, the theme has green accents over dark hues that improve the appearance. It’s one of our top picks from this selection of themes.

Sleek and elegant

Slinky Elegant, which is similar to the “Just Black” theme we’ve already seen, is a fantastic dark theme for fans of the dark mode. It changes the Chrome UI’s usual white address bar for a black one and adds a gradient effect. One of the best minimalist themes available is this one.

How Can a Google Chrome Theme Be Removed?

You can easily do so by following the instructions below if you wish to remove a theme and go back to the standard appearance:

Launch Google Chrome on your PC.
Click More (the vertical three-dot menu) in the top right corner, followed by Settings.
Go to “Appearance” in the settings menu, then click Reset to default. Now, you’ll once more see the default Google Chrome theme.

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