The pace of modern life makes it easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. It’s understandable that many of us lose track of the things that matter most to us in the midst of our hectic schedules.

Timeliness in everything from dosing prescribed medications to making credit card payments is becoming increasingly important.

The growth in popularity of reminder apps for Microsoft Windows is not unexpected. Reminder software is invaluable if you, like me, spend long periods of time in front of a computer but still manage to forget even the most basic of tasks. Here are some of the finest Windows reminder apps, from the simplest to the most feature-rich, free to paid.

Which Windows Reminder Program Is Right for You?

You may quickly and easily select the top Windows PC reminder apps. The only things you need to think about are how simple it is to add your reminders and what features you require. Tasks created on a PC, for instance, can be readily accessed and managed from an Android phone. There are apps that may remind you to do specific things, like take your prescription or drink water.

The top Windows PC reminder apps were chosen after careful analysis of these factors. Windows already has a number of built-in apps that can be used to set reminders, or you can download extra reminder software.

Windows’ Finest Reminder Software

Our recommended Windows reminder apps and explanations of why each is the right choice for different people are below.

Microsoft Calendar
Windows Shutdown Assistant
Microsoft to-do list
RemindMe for Windows
Pillbox Pro
Drink Water
OneNote for Windows
Desktop Reminder

Cortona: Simple and Easy to set reminders

The Windows operating system has a virtual assistant called Cortana. Microsoft Cortana on Windows is similar to Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS/Mac in that it enables users to conduct a wide range of tasks simply by speaking to the computer.

In Windows 11 and 10, you may launch Cortana by pressing the Windows key + C or by selecting the Cortana icon in the taskbar to the right of the search box. Following these steps after enabling Cortana will make it simple to create a reminder.

Pull up Cortana.
Select the menu icon in the top left corner.
Select the Reminders menu item.
To create a new reminder, use the “+” button in the lower right corner.
Please provide the requested details.
When you’re done, select the Save button.

Cortana is no longer automatically launched alongside Windows 10’s first setup. When installing Windows 11, the Cortana voice prompt is no longer presented during initial setup. Even though Windows 10 has its own Cortana app, the standalone version of Cortana is still available. To install Cortona in Windows 11, please refer to the instructions below.

Cortona can be found by searching for it in the Microsoft Store. Get the app now!
Find Cortana by doing a search in Windows. Start Windows, select All Apps, and then select Cortana to access the digital assistant instead.
A sign-in window for Cortana appears when the app launches. To log in, click the Sign in button.
You’ll get a pop-up saying that Cortana can’t do its job without access to your personal data. Choose to continue after accepting.
Following the aforementioned steps after installing Cortana on your Windows PC will make creating reminders a breeze.

Microsoft Calendar: Built-in app to set reminders on Windows

Microsoft Calendar comes included on Windows 10 and later. It has reminder capabilities, much like Microsoft To-Do. Find the Calendar software by searching for “Microsoft Calendar” in Windows Search. When the app is ready, select any date and see what happens. To schedule something on the chosen day, a new window will emerge.

Windows Shutdown Assistant: For power users

Power users should utilize Windows Shutdown Assistant. Scheduled shutdowns of Windows computers are now possible. Automatic power off at predetermined intervals can be set up with the app. Shutting down a computer after a lengthy download or at a predetermined time of day are just two examples of the many situations in which this feature would prove handy.

Among Windows Shutdown Assistant’s many useful functions is the capacity to set alarm-based reminders. The Show Message action can be simply scheduled and triggered at a later time. When the timer goes off, the app will play the recorded message in its entirety. In addition to the alert, you may configure the computer to log out, shut down, lock applications, and more.

Windows Shutdown Assistant also includes a note-taking tool. Notes can be made quickly and displayed on the Start screen or as a floating window, much like reminders. You can keep working while the countdown timer is active because the software is backgroundable.

Here’s how to use the Windows Shutdown Assistant reminders.

Get Windows Shutdown Assistant (source link) and use it. It can be downloaded without cost.
The software can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button. Install the app after downloading it for free.
Launch the program and adjust the clock. After that, choose the View option from the Select Action menu. You can customize the action’s label by clicking the cog icon and typing in new text.

When you’re finished, use the “OK” button to save the reminder.

The Windows Shutdown Assistant is an effective program for reminding users to shut down their PCs. The app’s sophisticated capabilities include the ability to schedule several reminders for different times and days, as well as to automatically shut down a computer after a certain time, to launch or end applications, to take notes, and more.

Microsoft To-Do List: Best Windows Reminder App

My favorite and most effective task management program is Microsoft To-Do List, which is optimized for setting basic reminders on top of to-do lists. The app’s availability on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms makes it useful to a large audience.

To-do lists and reminders may be quickly and easily made, accessed, and managed thanks to the app’s user-friendly design. Users are able to create new projects, add reminders, comments, and categorize them as either personal or professional.

Microsoft To-Do’s ability to work in tandem with other Microsoft programs like Outlook and OneNote is a major selling point. As a result, it’s much simpler for people to synchronize their schedules and tasks across all of their gadgets and software.

In addition, Microsoft To-Do includes a function called “My Day” that lets users make a list of the day’s most pressing chores. People who need help maintaining concentration will appreciate this function.

The Microsoft To-Do List app is the best option if you need a simple and powerful to-do list software that is also easy to use and runs on a wide variety of devices. If you have a Microsoft account, you can sign in to the Windows Store and download Microsoft To-Do List for free.

Put Microsoft’s To-Do List software on your computer.
Start the program, then select New job. Add the task’s name and a plus sign will appear.
Select the action by clicking on it. A slide will appear to the right. Click the “Remind me” button. Choose the Time and Date option. Set a reminder for a time and date that works for you.
Click Repeat > Custom to make a recurring reminder and choose how often you’d like to be reminded. To-Do is better suited for daily or weekly reminders than hourly ones because the highest frequency is Daily.

RemindMe for Windows: For more customized reminder settings

To-do list management, reminders, and organization are all made easier with RemindMe, a Windows program. The software is intuitively constructed to facilitate the setting and management of reminders for users. This is the ideal reminder software if you want to set your own preferences for when reminders pop up.

RemindMe’s ability to schedule reminders for specified times and dates is a crucial function. Appointment, meeting, and other event reminders can be set by the user and activated at a predetermined time. In addition to setting one-time reminders, the app also lets you schedule recurring reminders for things like daily or weekly chores.

Multiple reminder lists can be made and managed. Users can easily keep organized and concentrate on what has to be done thanks to the ability to build different lists for work, personal tasks, and other projects.

You can delay a reminder for a few minutes, hours, or even days with RemindMe’s snooze feature. This is helpful for things you need to get done eventually but don’t have to right away.

A user’s forthcoming reminders and events can be viewed in a calendar view within the app. For future preparation of activities and appointments, this may prove helpful.

RemindMe is the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a straightforward Windows reminder tool. Create, personalize, and store your own reminders with ease. The Windows version of RemindMe can be downloaded here. The program is available in the Microsoft Store for download.

Pillbox Pro: Medicine Reminders

Pillbox Pro is the best option for users looking for a medication reminder app that helps them keep track of their medication schedules. The app is designed to make it easier for people to remember to take their medications on time by setting simple reminders.

The option to schedule multiple medicine reminders is one of Pillbox Pro’s most useful functions. Users are free to add as many medications as they require and configure individual reminders. The software also lets users schedule their own reminders, such as “Take with food” or “Take at bedtime.”

Pillbox Pro not only serves as a reminder system, but also as a medication history log. It keeps track of when pills were consumed as well. Patients who need to provide their drug history to their doctor or pharmacist may find this helpful.

In addition, it offers a helpful refill reminder function that sends notifications to users before their drug supplies run low. Users won’t have to risk going without their medication due to a lack of supply if this is implemented.

You can get your hands on Pillbox Pro for free on Windows, iOS, and Android. The interface of the program is simple and straightforward. It’s a quick and easy solution for managing dosages and timing.

Drink Water Reminder

The Drink Water Reminder app is the best solution if you want to be reminded to drink water on a regular basis. Using it, you can set up simple water intake reminders in a matter of seconds. You may schedule alerts to remind you to drink water at specific intervals throughout the day or immediately following specific activities.

If you have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day, an app that serves as a reminder may be useful. The software can help the user develop a habit of drinking water regularly by sending reminders to do so at regular intervals.

Windows has a plethora of water consumption reminder programs. This is my favorite because it is simple and quick to learn and use. Drink Water Reminder is available in the Microsoft Store for download.

OneNote for Windows: Set reminders along with notes

OneNote is a well-liked Windows program for keeping track of and organizing one’s thoughts and ideas. Setting reminders in OneNote is a great way to ensure you don’t forget about anything crucial.

Microsoft OneNote’s task reminders require the desktop version of Outlook and OneNote. Select Custom Task under Home in Outlook. Once you’ve finished making your marking, save it and close the file. Mark the task in your calendar and write it down. You can mark the marker as complete by tapping on it. This is useful for keeping track of things to do and important dates.

You can get OneNote for Android, iOS, Windows, and even more operating systems. The software is free to download and use, so there is no cost associated with scheduling reminders.

Any.Do: Best cross-platform reminder app

Multitasking is the norm in today’s society, that much is clear. It’s tough to find the time to get everything done between work, family, and social commitments. That’s why there are automated reminders; they let us know when it’s time to get things done so we don’t forget. You can set as many reminders as you need in, and they will all be synced instantly between all of your gadgets. So, whether you’re at home, in the office, or out and about, you’ll always have access to your work. also allows for flexible task management. You can create folders for related jobs, tag or keyword them, and set due dates to ensure you never miss a deadline. In addition, integrates with your calendar so you can know when important tasks are due without switching to a different program. In addition, can be used by people of all skill levels because to its user-friendly pinch-to-zoom interface.

There is a free version of that should be adequate for the vast majority of users, and paid premium versions with more advanced capabilities for power users.

Last but not least, makes it easy to notify people of your upcoming tasks by simply tapping the share button and providing their email address or phone number. Email and instant messaging make it easy to work together on projects with friends. As long as everyone is using the most recent version of on their device, all of your notes and reminders will be synchronized instantly, ensuring that no one falls behind.

Desktop Reminder: Handy task-management tool

Desktop Reminder makes the often-tricky process of task management simple and effective. With Desktop Reminder, you can organize all of your to-dos in one convenient place. It’s a useful tool for organizing your daily routine because you can make new tasks quickly and easily assign them to others.

In addition, you can have deadlines drilled into your brain on a daily basis. Using Google Drive sync, you may back up your reminders in case something happens to your computer or phone. At last, the app’s search features and organizational structure make it simple to locate any given item.

Desktop Reminder supports numerous languages to ensure its accessibility to as many people as possible. Your information is secure no matter what happens to your computer or phone because it is encrypted and saved in the cloud. The Windows version of Desktop Reminder, a useful reminder program, hasn’t been updated since 2018. therefore not higher on our suggested list.

In Conclusion, Get the Top Windows Reminder Programs

That wraps up our recommendations for Windows reminder programs. Microsoft’s To-Do List is our top selection because it’s accessible across devices and works seamlessly with Windows. We also appreciate that we don’t have to download any other software in order to use Windows’ built-in assistant Cortana to set reminders. Please share your thoughts on the best Windows app for setting reminders.

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