Considering how integral the Internet is to modern life, picking the best browser is critical. The never-ending war between a select few main browsers has finally reached its climax, with the participation of a number of more browsers. We have compiled a list of excellent alternatives to the browser installed on your computer if you are unhappy with it.

The widespread adoption of Chromium-based browsers can be attributed to their superior performance and security. Chromium is an open-source browser project that several popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave, are based on.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of the most secure, fast, and feature-rich Chromium browsers available today.

Which Is Better, Chrome or Chromium?

There appears to be some connection between Chrome and Chromium. Your assumption is correct. They are, in fact, very close relatives. Google’s Chromium is a stripped-down, free web browser developed as an open-source project. You might also refer to it as the skeleton of any browser built on Chromium. Google Chrome is based on the open-source browser Chromium, although it includes many improvements and new features developed by Google.

The Google Chrome web browser is notorious for its high memory and CPU usage. There are a number of other web browsers that claim to be superior to Chrome in terms of speed and functionality. If you’re interested in switching to a Chromium-based browser as your primary browser, read on.


The new browser Vivaldi has been met with widespread praise from its early adopter community. The browser was created by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, a former CEO of Opera, who wanted to create a new and improved web browser. Annotations and notes are just two of the special capabilities it provides.

If you already know about Vivaldi, you might know that its design is very popular with users because it is clear and easy to use. It also has a lot of ways to customize it, gestures for navigation, and ways to handle tabs. Overall, it’s one of the best Chromium browsers and an easy pick.

Key Features of Vivaldi:

The user design is easy to use and can be changed.
Several ways to make it your own
Blocker of ads built in
Great speed and less use of resources than Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Since Microsoft switched Edge to Chromium, a lot of new people have started using the browser. Edge is a good alternative to Google Chrome because it is lightweight and works well. Microsoft has also been adding new features to Edge for a while, even though not everyone needs them. This makes Edge more useful.

In terms of features, Microsoft Edge is very similar to Chrome, and it also has some extra features. Edge is a good choice if you want an everyday browser that is also one of the best Chromium browsers.

Key Features of Microsoft Edge:

Great work and dependability.
It has a lot of choices and can sync.
Help for Bing AI is built in.
Several Windows connections.

Ungoogled Chromium

Ungoogled Chromium is a browser made for experienced people who care about their privacy. It is a browser that keeps all the features of the free Chromium browser but gets rid of all Google web services as another step toward privacy.

If you keep private information in your browser, you should choose Ungoogled Chromium. But you’ll have to turn on the private and control settings by hand. After all, this is an advanced software that gives its users full control. If you care about privacy and openness, Ungoogled Chromium is one of the best Chromium browsers to choose.

Key Features of Ungoogled Chromium:

Extremely dependable.
Several options for secrecy and command.
Can’t rely on Google for anything.
There are no unnecessary extras or features.‚Äč


CentBrowser comes in at number two on our list of recommended Chromium browsers. CentBrowser is the best option if you like a lot of bells and whistles in your web browser that let you switch between tabs quickly. Mouse movements, tabbed browsing, and efficient use of RAM are just a few of its many navigation options.

Some users may find it frustrating that the browser isn’t updated frequently. If you can get over this, it’s a fantastic, feature-packed browser for power users who regularly work with hundreds of tabs.

Key Features of CentBrowser:

There are a number of ways to navigate.
Flexible options for personalization.
Fewer updates in the future.
Extremely efficient.


Opera is a veteran browser that has had its fair share of success and failure over the years. Despite this, many people find it to be the best option due of its speed and versatility. Opera made the transition to Chromium a decade ago and has been steadily improving ever since. It also has numerous features that users will find useful, such as a built-in VPN and an ad blocker.

Opera also features a sleek sidebar that provides instant access to your preferred social networking sites. Among the finest Chromium browsers, Opera is a great option for those who just want to browse the web in peace.

Key Features of Opera:

VPN functionality is built right in.
Incorporated ad-blocking is a nice feature.
Options aplenty for personalization.
User-friendly design.


Even though it’s only been around for a short while, the Brave web browser has quickly become a fan favorite. It’s similar to Chrome in that it protects your privacy, but it includes several extras that Chrome doesn’t. With its ad- and tracker-blocking Brave Shields feature, the browser places a premium on protecting its users’ personal information.

Additionally, Brave boasts that it loads websites faster than Chrome, even on slower or paid connections. To further ensure user anonymity, Brave incorporates Tor support. Brave is the finest Chromium browser if you care about privacy and value functionality.

Key Features of Brave:

Support for the anonymity network Tor is built right in.
Provides its users with its own cryptocurrency token, BAT, through its Brave Rewards program.
User-friendly design.
Provides dependable speed and performance.

Opera GX

Companies are starting to take note of the growing gaming community. Opera GX, a browser tailored to the needs of gamers, is the next best Chromium browser on our list. It’s part of Opera’s family of browsers and has some tools that gamers might find handy. You can also add your favorite websites to a toolbar.

Opera GX likewise features a unique user interface, this time with a color scheme taken straight from the world of video games. To boost your computer’s efficiency, utilize the exclusive resource management tool’s memory (RAM) limiter, central processing unit (CPU) limiter, and network (LAN) limiter. Opera GX is a great option for gamers.

Key Features of Opera GX:

Provides excellent functionality.
Odd user interface design.
Gives you the means to control your PC’s resources and raise its efficiency.
Includes quick links to popular social networks like Discord and Twitch.

Google Chrome

There is little need to provide an introduction to the Chrome web browser. It’s a browser developed by Google that builds on the Chromium project (also developed by Google) and adds functionality such as tabbed browsing, bookmarks, and more. It also allows you to transfer open tabs to and from a mobile device running Chrome.

Chrome has a lot of useful features, but it uses a lot of system resources. This means that you may notice performance issues with an older PC.

Key Features of Google Chrome:

Provides excellent functionality.
Very demanding on computer resources.
Provides constant device-to-device synchronization.
Allows people to register several Google accounts under their own names.

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is another excellent choice among the top Chromium browsers. It’s not as well-known as the others, but it has certain features you might find useful. Keep in mind that this browser prioritizes multimedia capabilities.

It includes a media grabber that may be used to save media from many websites. In addition, the built-in torrent client allows you to handle torrent links right in the browser.

Key Features of Torch Browser:

Provides outstanding functionality.
User-friendly design.
It’s loaded with multimedia options.

Arc Browser

After much deliberation, Arc has been included among the top Chromium browsers. Based on early user feedback, we decided to include this browser in this roundup even though it is still in beta and only accessible for macOS at the moment. It has excellent multitasking capabilities, including the ability to split tabs, pin tabs, and manage several tabs from a single sidebar.

You should try the browser if you’re interested in trying something new. Arc is currently invite-only, but if you are a student with a valid college email account, you can download it immediately.

Key Features of Torch Browser:

Provides excellent functionality.
Its interface is a breath of fresh air.
Supports a wide variety of simultaneous operations.

Conclusion: Best Chromium Browsers

There are dozens of Chromium-based browsers available online, but we’ve narrowed it down to a handful that we think are the best. You’re free to use any browser you like best. If you’re looking for a Chromium browser that prioritizes privacy, features, or both, you’ll find one that suits your needs here. Vivaldi, Brave, and Arc are all great options to consider if you can’t decide.

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